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Legality and transparency

Poste Italiane has always paid great attention to matters of legality and transparency, fundamental principles not only for developing corporate business according to criteria of sustainability and ethics, but also for the development of the entire Country System. From this viewpoint, 2017 represented a strategic year for the Company inasmuch as two initiatives were launched that demonstrate Poste Italiane’s commitment to circulating a culture of transparency and legality.

In particular, on 6 December 2017 an important Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Poste Italiane and the Financial Police, having the objective of combating economic and financial crime. The key principles of such memorandum are represented by opposing evasion, elusion, tax fraud, crimes regarding public spending, economic and financial criminality, money laundering, falsification and fraud concerning payment systems. Characterising the agreement above all is the sharing of the valuable information assets of Poste Italiane which are based on the payment systems and digital identity. Such assets shall favour an efficient acquisition of information by the Financial Police with a view to the best prevention and suppression of the fraud and crimes that threaten the economic fabric of the nation.

Another initiative undertaken by Poste Italiane in 2017 is the launch of the new Open and Transparent Contracts portal, through which the Company affirms itself as the first Group in Italy to publish all data related to its supply chain. In the context of continuously increasing clarity for citizens, the new portal makes information concerning contracts signed by the Company public and available, regarding tender procedures for the supply of goods and services, of community relevance, as well as works subject to the Code of public contracts and those related to the supply of goods, services and works excluded from the public contracts Code. In particular by navigating through the portal it is possible to gain access to all information and details regarding contracts signed by Poste Italiane and its suppliers: cost, duration, product field, award procedure, name, geographic position of the winner and the subcontractors. The tool was developed to increase the transparency of the Group’s supply chain and allow the market to monitor the activities of Poste Italiane, as well as promote the culture of legality throughout the value chain.

“Identity Check” and legality rating

Access via the web to the “Identity Check” is the initiative that allows relevant information to be reported in order to prevent and suppress fraud and all other crimes of an economic-financial nature as well as ensuring the authenticity of the identity, whether physical or digital, of individuals.

Thanks to the agreement with the Guardia di Finanza (Italian financial police) Poste Italiane shall make its informatory assets available, also in order to ascertain the digital identity of an individual constituting a taskforce for studying new criminal scenarios.

As a witness of the level of attention that Poste Italiane pays to the correct management of its business, in 2017 the Company asked and obtained a renewal of its legality rating, receiving the highest score which corresponds to three “stars”. The legality rating is an instrument introduced in 2012 aimed at Italian enterprises and having the purpose of promoting and introducing the principles of ethical conduct within companies by means of assigning a “recognition” (measured, indeed, in “stars”) indicating the level of observance of legality by undertakings that have applied for it. Upon attributing such rating, the legal system reconnects advantages when granting public funding and subsidies to access bank credit.

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