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“Important Persons” for the purpose of Internal Dealing regulation "Important persons" list

Members of the Board of Directors of Poste Italiane S.p.A.
Chairwoman Maria Bianca Farina
Chief Executive Officer and General Manager  Matteo Del Fante
Directors Giovanni Azzone 
Bernardo De Stasio
Daniela Favrin
Davide Iacovoni 
Mimi Kung
Elisabetta Lunati
Roberto Rossi
Board of Statutory Auditors of Poste Italiane S.p.A.
Chairman Mauro Lonardo
Statutory Auditors Serena Gatteschi
Gianluigi Fiorendi
Senior Management of Poste Italiane S.p.A.
Co-General Manager - Corporate Affairs Officer Giuseppe Lasco
Head of Mail, Communication and Logistics Massimo Rosini
Head of BancoPosta Guido Maria Nola
Head of Post Office network Paolo Martella
Head of businesses and Public Administrations sales Guido Crozzoli
Chief Financial Officer Camillo Greco
Head of Digital, Technology & Operations Mirko Mischiatti
Head of Human Resources and Organisation Pierangelo Scappini
Head of Internal Auditing Paolo Casati
Head of Payments and Mobile Marco Siracusano
Financial Reporting Officer and Head of Administration and Reporting (CFO) Alessandro Del Gobbo
Head of Legal Affairs (CA) Andrea Sandulli
Head of Corporate Communication (CA) Paolo Iammatteo
 Secretary of the Board & head of Corporate Affairs (CA) Michele Scarpelli
Head of of Corporate Affairs Coordination, Support and Sponsorships (CA) Angela Francesca Giannone
CEO Technical Secretary Vladimiro Ceci
Head of Group Planning, Control & Financial Reporting (CFO) Raffaele Cestaro
Head of Merger & Acquisition and equity investments (CFO) Giuseppe Esposito
Head of Finance (CFO) Anna Manghetti
Head of Investor Relations and Business Insight (CFO) Massimiliano Raimondo Riggi
Head of Fiscal Affairs (CFO) Carlo Sauve
Head of Technical Support to the CFO (CFO) Giacomo Riccitelli
Head of Technical Support to the Head of BancoPosta (BP) Benedetta Sanesi
CEO and General Manager Poste Vita spa – CEO Poste Assicura spa Andrea Novelli
(CFO) operating inside the Chief Financial Office  
(CA)    operating inside the Corporate Affairs office  
(BP)    operating in the BancoPosta unit  

Update: as of June 9, 2022