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Tax Strategy On November 7, 2018 the Board of Directors of Poste Italiane S.p.A. approved the "Poste Italiane Group's Tax Strategy".

The "Poste Italiane Group's Tax Strategy" represents a set of principles and rules aimed at promoting the dissemination of values of honesty, fairness and compliance with tax regulations. To this extent, it encourages the development of co-operative and transparent conducts towards the Italian Tax Authorities and third parties, in order to minimize any substantial impact in terms of both tax and reputational risk, also in accordance with the standards defined by the Group Risk Management Function.
The Tax Strategy, which is also one of the required elements for the inclusion of the Group in the main sustainability indices, provides for a governance model which ensures that: 
  • the Top management is informed about the tax consequences deriving from all the strategic and operational business transactions, planned and to be implemented, thus ensuring that any decision related to tax matters is consistent with the Group's tax strategy;
  • the Tax Function is involved in the preliminary assessment of the tax consequences arising from the above - mentioned transactions.
Poste Italiane liaises with the Group companies in order to ensure that these latter operate in compliance with the current tax legislation and in line with the Group risk management and control system.

Poste Italiane's tax revenue for the year 2019 was 1 million euros.