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Highlights (as of 31 December 2023)


Post Offices throughout the country


Automated hubs

183,7 m

Digital channel transactions

Omnichannel strategy

The digital transformation of recent years has affected our supply and distribution model, enabling them to better respond to changing customer needs. Therefore, our network of contact points with citizens, business and the public sector is based on both physical and digital channels, ensuring a consistent customer experience across all contact points. Today, we are the largest “phygital” platform in Italy.

This integrated omnichannel platform enables us to monitor customers and the supply of services through three channels:

  • Proprietary physical network: namely the Post Offices, the business customer sales force and the logistics network for mail and parcel delivery.
  • Digital infrastructure and remote contact points: all the Group's digital properties and the contact centre, serving the entire national population. As part of the 2024-2028 Strategic Plan we are taking a step further by launching a new SuperApp, set to become the main access point to the platform.
  • Third-party physical network: with approximately 51,000 contact points, this is the result of business partnership agreements for the marketing Group products and services.

The physical network

The Post Offices

31 December 2023 
31 December 2022  
  Unit Personnel Unit Personnel
Macro Areas Post Office Network 6 0.5 6 1.1
Branch offices 132 4.2 132 3.6
Post Offices 12,755 47.4 12,755 49.3
Total 12,893 52.1 12,893 54.0

Polis Project

Within the framework of the the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan, we proposed the Polis project - Home of Digital Services, which aims to promote the social, economic and territorial cohesion of the country and to overcome the digital divide in small towns and inland areas, through the renewal and upgrading of the network.

Distribution of post offices and branches throughout the territory

The logistics network

The Group's mail and parcel services are provided through two integrated and mutually synergic logistics networks: the postal logistics network for mail handling, which has now evolved to also allow the handling of small parcels, and the parcel logistics network.

As part of the transformation plan for the Correspondence and Parcels segment and with the aim of becoming an integrated logistics operator, the Group launched an important development towards in 2023: third-party management of customers' warehouse goods and delivery activities. We will continue along this route with the 2024-2028 Strategic Plan: in the future, the postal network will be increasingly oriented towards parcel handling. 

Digital properties: web, app and contact centre

Over the past few years, we have embarked on a programme of digital transformation of all our service and supply models.

Within the 2024-2028 Strategic Plan, the Group plans a new evolution of our digital channels. More specifically, we will establish a customised SuperApp, which will incorporate the new payment wallet and provide a single point of access to our ecosystem. We started this process in 2023, equipping the current Poste Italiane app with new functionalities, which is then destined to become the Group's only app. We will progressively converge all Poste Italiane's services into this single asset in order to ensure a simple, intuitive and customer-centric user experience.

* Stock since launch. The value reported in the Group Results column includes downloads of the no longer available Postemobile app.
** On 10 October 2023, the Ufficio Postale app was renamed Poste Italiane app. 

Our digital channels - which also include the website, the Group's consumer and business portal - will be increasingly important, in part due to the significant technological investments made to foster a real omnichannel experience and expand the range of products and services that can be purchased directly through our digital properties.

In addition, in 2023:
  • Poste Italiane's digital web and app channels were the access point to online services for 39 million retail users.
  • 69% of Poste Italiane's daily interactions were handled through remote channels and third-party networks.
  • Poste Italiane was confirmed as the top SPID Digital Identity Manager, with a market share of around 75% and a customer base of around 27.3 million public Digital Identities issued, of which 24 million are active.

Third-party physical network

In the Group's omnichannel strategy, a crucial role is played by the physical third-party network, which has been strengthened to provide Poste Italiane's customers with a valid alternative to post offices for accessing transactional services.

The objective is twofold:
  • To create a platform for the integration of the Group's products with third-party distribution channels.
  • To use third-party services within the Group's commercial offers, also introducing innovative services with high added value.

We have contracted an extensive network of contact points – 51,000 in 2023 - further strengthened with the acquisition of LIS holding.