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Poste Italiane participates in numerous meetings with Universities and Career Days in order to present professional opportunities and the selection process.

Check out the 2022 events calendar

At Poste Italiane we are constantly committed to facilitating the matching of job supply and demand through our participation in orientation and recruitment initiatives, a strategic process for attracting, recruiting and enhancing the right professionals.
The numerous collaborations with Universities and other players allow us to constantly meet with undergraduates and graduates, both online and face-to-face, during job fairs and career days throughout the country. We also periodically organize virtual recruiting events and invite some candidates who have applied to open positions or spontaneously by email with the domain @ By participating, you will have the opportunity to meet Poste Italiane recruiters and get complete information on job vacancies and selection process, quickly and easily.
Our events calendar is periodically renewed and represents a fascinating journey to discover young talents and new professionals.
For 2022 we have planned our participation in:
Event When
Data Science Industrial Liaison Program Meeting - Università “La Sapienza” 14/02/2022
Digital Recruiting Week SALES & MARKETING 28/02-2/03/2022
Recruiting date Università Bocconi - Financial services 02/3/2022
Lavoro Chiama Italia 10/03/2022
AdLab Luiss 10/03/2022
Stem Girls 21-25/3/2022
Al Lavoro Triveneto 4-8/04/2022
Virtual Job Meeting Italia 14/04/2022
Digital Diversity Week 26-29/04/2022
Bocconi 29/04/2022
Career day Università di Pavia 2-27/05/2022
Recruiting Day Verona 2-8/05/2022
Placement day 4/05/2022
Luiss Career Day 9/05/2022
Career day PoliMi 10/05/2022
Digital Career Day Ingegneria Sapienza 23-27/05/2022
Università Aperta 26/05/2022
Digital Career Day Ingegneria Sapienza 15/06/2022
Rome Business School Career Fair 17/06/2022
Virtual hiring day 21/06/2022
Roma Math Career Day 2022 14/09/2022
Career Day Sapienza 27/09/2022
Inclusive Job Day 29/09/2022
Career Tour 12/10/2022
Al Lavoro Roma 13/10/2022
Digital Talent Fair  STEM & Digital  18-19/10/2022
Job Fair 19-20/10/2022
Al Lavoro Torino 26/10/2022
Campus & Leaders & Talents  26/10/2022
Job day 26/10/2022
Virtual Career day Ca Foscari 17-18/11/2022
Al Lavoro Empower young women 28/11-2/12/2022
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2021 events calendar

In this difficult period, we are keeping on meeting candidates, for everyone’s sake, by taking part to digital events, whose calendar is continuously updated.

At the moment we have planned our participation in:
Event When
Career day Open Italy 2/02/2021
Career day Università dell'Insubria
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Virtual job meeting engineering 18/2/2021
Digital Recruiting Date Financial Services & Fintech – Università Bocconi
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Lavoro Chiama Italia
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Digital career days ingegneria @sapienza 15-19/03/2021
ILP data science Sapienza
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Digital Career Days Lombardia e Piemonte 22-24/03/2021
Inclusion job day
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Virtual job meeting Turin 30/03/2021
Bocconi&Jobs 14/04/2021
STEM Girls 15/04/2021
Virtual job meeting Triveneto 22/04/2021
Career day dell’Università di Chieti – Dipartimento di Economia Aziendale  05/05/2021
Career day Virtual Edition  Ca' Foscari University  Venice
(spring session)
Career day dell’Università di Genova – Dipartimento di Economia 07/05/2021
Virtual job meeting Rome 13/05/2021
Career day "Università Aperta" Università di Padova 27/05/2021
Career day Università Pavia 05/2021
Career day PoliMi 9-10/06/2021
Inclusive Job Day 30/09/2021
AL Lavoro Rome 11-15/10/2021
Job Fair Sant'Anna Pisa 14/10/2021
Digital Career Days Triveneto 18-20/10/2021
Career day Alma Mater Bologna 18-22/10/2021
Campus&Leader&Talent 20/10/2021
Career day LUISS "I Giovani e il Lavoro" 21-22/10/2021
Bicocca Career Fair 27/10-5/11/2021
Recruiting day Verona University 28-29/10/2021
Career day Statale Milan 8-19/11/2021
Bocconi&Jobs 10/11/2021
Career day Virtual Edition Ca' Foscari University Venice 
(fall session)
Career Day del Dipartimento di Economia dell’Università di Genova 25/11/2021
AL Lavoro - Empower Young Women 29/11-3/12/2021


2020 events calendar

In this difficult period, we are keeping on meeting candidates, for everyone’s sake, by taking part to digital events, whose calendar is continuously updated.

At the moment we have planned our participation in:
Event When
Career day LUISS
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Career day Politecnico Milan 26/05/2020
Lavoro Chiama Italia 
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Digital Fair di Employerland
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Training Camp Sapienza
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Sannio University 16/09/2020
Virtual Career Day Alma Mater Studiorum
Bologna University
Career day Dipartimento di Economia, Management e Istituzioni University Federico II Naples 28/10/2020
Bicocca Career Fair 28-30/10/2020
Bocconi&Jobs Finance, Consulting & Auting
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Virtual Career Day Ca' Foscari Venice 12/11/2020
Talenti in Campus  19/11/2020
Career day Milan University
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2019 events calendar

Event Where When
Career Day “Alma Mater” University Bologna 26/02/2019
Presentation at  "Tor Vergata" University
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Rome 01/03/2019
Career Day - Department of Economics, Genoa University
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Genoa 06/03/2019
"Lavoro Chiama Italia"
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Verona 07/03/2019
Job Meeting
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Padova 27/03/2019
Presentation at “La Sapienza” University Rome 28/03/2019
Career day Trento University
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Trento 03/04/2019
Presentation at “La Sapienza” University, Master's Degree in Data Science Rome 03/04/2019
"Salone del Risparmio" Milan 04/04/2019
Career Day "Bocconi"
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Milan 09/04/2019
Career day “Finance and Consulting” Venice University
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Venice 11/04/2019
Conference “Quantitative Finance@Work“Tor Vergata” University Rome 03/05/2019
Career Day "LUISS" University
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Rome 03/05/2019
Job Meeting "La Sapienza" University
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Rome 09/05/2019
Career day della Scuola Politecnica e delle Scienze di Base, "Federico II" University
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Naples 09/05/2019
Career day Politecnico of Milan
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Milan 14/05/2019
"Get in the game: find out how to solve IOT cases" Politecnico of Milan Milan 23/05/2019
Career Day Trento organized by the Employment Center Trento 29/05/2019
Career day Trieste University
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Trieste 05/06/2019
Career Day Calabria University
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Rende 14/06/2019
Job Meeting Turin Turin 25/09/2019
Career day Parma Parma 01/10/2019
Job Fair "Statale University"  Milan 02/10/2019
Career day "Federico II" University Naples 03/10/2019
Career Day Firenze University Firenze 03-04/10/2019
Career day "Tor Vergata" University Rome 23/10/2019
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Milan 05/11/2019
"Università aperta IES", Engineering, Economics and Sciences, Padova University
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Padova 07/11/2019
Career day "Piemonte Orientale University"
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Novara 21/11/2019
Career day Roma Tre
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Rome 27/11/2019
Roadmap to IT Job  Polimi 28/11/2019
Job&Orienta / Fiera del Lavoro
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Verona 28-29-30/11/2019
Career Day “Industry, Services and Retail & Lifestyle”, Venice University
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Venice 03/12/2019
Event Where When
Breakfast in Bocconi                             
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Milan   05/03/2019