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Megatrend - innovation and digitisation at the heart for the promotion of change Poste Italiane is committed to leading Italy towards progress and modernisation by defining processes that enable the development of increasingly innovative Products and services.

For Poste Italiane, innovation and digitisation represent the beating heart for the promotion of change and the key tool to accompany its customers in the process of digital transformation.

In a complex and challenging scenario, the Group’s strategic evolution requires leveraging the development of innovation and the enhancement of technological assets to ensure both the capitalisation of what has already been achieved and the development of innovative solutions, as a support and source for business evolution. Over the years, Poste Italiane has shown its ability to transform its operational structures and services by adapting to market needs in constant evolution, through continuous investments in technology and know-how.

Poste therefore intends to better manage the needs of its customers, through strategic investments in physical and digital infrastructures, all in line with the Deliver 2022 Strategic Plan. The Plan has, in fact, innovation as its main pillar, requiring a profound transformation of the business and therefore of the company’s IT systems and processes to support the achievement of its objectives.

To support the Digital Transformation process undertaken, the Company has planned a paradigm shift to evolve from a product-driven model towards a platform company logic, based on a generative, inclusive and transversal culture, and from a producer profile towards an aggregator and needs orchestrator profile. At business level, this involves a fluid and interchangeable ecosystem where the role of experiential player and customer-centric focuses not only on profit but also on the customer, ethics and sustainability.

Poste Italiane embarked on an important transformation process involving the entire Group, which has several objectives: placing the customer increasingly at the centre of strategies; enhancing the Post Office network in synergy with digital channels; developing multichannel access and use methods; strengthening Poste Italiane’s role as a key stakeholder for the Public Administration and encouraging the inclusion and development of the digital economy.