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For several years now, Poste has pursued an Open Innovation path, with a view to keeping constantly abreast of market developments, monitoring and accommodating innovations consistently with its lines of business, and being always competitive on the market.

The adoption of innovative concepts is expected not only to lead to new products and new commercial solutions, but also to be an engine of change of the Company’s culture.
Therefore, this open approach favours the development of ideas and research, while firmly retaining all the distinctive aspects of Poste’s tradition.

The Talent Garden Poste Italiane in Rome is a space devoted to research and innovation, which combines Poste’s tradition and widespread presence: one of Poste’s historical buildings hosts a post office on the first floor, a mail and parcel delivery centre on the second floor, and a space for innovating and driving the future on the top floor.   

Today, thanks to the presence of over 40 start-ups, the Talent Garden Poste Italiane is a place that fosters the cross-pollination of ideas between digital talents and the Company.

The initiatives of Poste dedicated to innovation

Poste Hack
Three-day innovation marathon, during which young start-uppers develop functioning prototypes to innovate the use of the financial services offered by Poste.
Poste Coding Generation
Educational programme for families: enabling children to familiarise with coding techniques, and sharing some good practices with parents, in order to help them support their children in properly using new technologies.
Poste Innovation Storm
Hackathons for Poste’s employees, during which they experiment with the methodologies of a start-up.
Other Innovative Education and Training Programmes
Other innovative education and training programmes for Poste’s employees, allowing them to acquire new skills in line with market trends.

What does Open Innovation mean to Poste?


Analysing market trends by listening, among others, to the proposals of young talents.


Generating the exchange and cross-pollination of ideas.


Encouraging interaction between or among Poste’s internal talents in order to generate new ideas.


Experimenting with solutions in a fast and effective way, in order to gather feedbacks from the market.

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