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The people who work with the Poste Group represent a wealth of skills and experiences that are imperative for the running and evolution of our businesses. Therefore, we believe it is of fundamental importance for all employees to be able to participate in the professional enrichment path that is closest to their skills and motivation.

We want to make sure that the people who are part of our team participate directly and in a responsible and involved manner, acting ethically and guaranteeing customer focus, service quality and orientation towards results.

To reach the goal of developing all our employees, a set of well-defined and integrated measures are available that accompany them in their professional growth in relation to company requirements.

In certain moments of the company's life, we carry out scouting programmes in which people can participate who have distinctive characteristics of performance and motivation. These programs make it possible for us to obtain in-depth knowledge about the skills, experience and potentialities of those who participate, identifying the best for whom professional and managerial growth paths should be planned including: training, job rotation, coaching, mentoring.

All the people at Poste Italiane are also involved in a skill evaluation process that does not only make it possible to monitor and orient actions for supporting performance, but also to facilitate the development our employees’ potentialities and skills, offering tools and feedback that provide orientation as well as a clearer vision of what can be improved and how to do so.

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