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Human Resources

Attracting the best talent and inspiring the people who work with us

We genuinely care about people. This is what guides our actions and defines the way we connect with each other. From recruitment and selection to training opportunities through to management and development paths, we accompany our people in their personal and professional growth and support the company's strategy as a business partner. Our HR processes are based on the most advanced tools and approaches but also on new skills and the ability to successfully face the future challenges of our business. Therefore, listening, empathy, being able to see the big picture and knowledge of the company are among the most requested qualities in those who work in this area, in order to ensure the best fit between people and the organisation.



Helping to achieve our ambitious financial goals

In a dynamic and highly competitive environment, we aim to guarantee high financial performance and sustainable results. Planning and control, accounting, treasury, taxation, mergers and acquisitions, investor management, etc., whatever the function or process, the contribution to business growth is significant and also affects the sustainable development of the country thanks to the adoption of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) principles in traditional financial processes. The qualities that make the difference in order to work in the Finance family are a knowledge and familiarity with data and the ability to interact with different people, both within and outside of the company.


Corporate Affairs

Supporting the organisational structure and corporate strategy

Most staff functions converge in this area, such as risk management, security, legal, communication, institutional affairs, procurement, real estate, anti-money laundering etc. This means having extremely diversified professionals, each with their own specialised technical know-how. The qualities needed certainly include knowledge of the company and its methods of exposure, of the market, of the different institutions and of the regulatory and technological change that impacts security systems. There are always new challenges on the horizon and, in order to meet them, those who work in this area must keep up-to-date and provide answers quickly, within and outside the company.


Digital, Technology & Operation

Taking part in our digital transformation

Innovation and digitisation are the beating heart of Poste Italiane to promote change and are the key factors to accompany our customers and our people in the digital and technological transformation process. Our team is strongly committed to developing digital solutions and making processes more streamlined, efficient and effective. Through our skills in data analytics, automation, artificial intelligence, user experience and the most advanced technologies, we contribute to the progress and modernisation of the country by defining processes that allow the development of increasingly innovative products and services. Making such a complex machine work, firing on all cylinders, requires, in addition to a digital mindset and specialised know-how, very heterogeneous skills: to analyse data and to communicate it clearly, to work on IT processes and infrastructure, to understand the needs of others — whether they are customers or colleagues — and assist them by offering effective solutions in the shortest possible time.


Market & Sales

Developing our business

We are a multi-business company, and we operate in different markets, taking advantage of our widespread presence throughout the country.  From individuals to businesses to institutions, we constantly build and maintain relationships of trust with our customers, developing products and services of different types and always aligned to their needs. We can count on qualified and professional staff who are always trained to the latest standards to achieve our ambitious goals and offer customers a superior value experience with a company that is an integral part of the country's modernisation effort. The secret ingredients for those who work in this area are the ability to listen and identify the needs of others in order to propose optimal solutions, and a natural propensity for relationships and learning, always guaranteeing professionalism and skill across the entire range of products and services offered.


Logistics & Delivery

Bringing value to the customer's home

In the mail and logistics sector, the Company reinterprets its original mission in a modern way, investing to bring the infrastructure in step with the times, respond to changing customer needs and developing innovative solutions based on the growth of e-commerce. Making the industrial and relationship processes underlying delivery work requires people that are dynamic and have a flexible mindset, as well as a culture of quality and being available for the customer, to whom we not only bring mail and parcels, but also a diversified experience, thanks to use of technology that makes it possible to carry out other operations beyond traditional delivery.


Banking & Insurance

Offering future solutions for the customer's assets and life plans

We are one of the main operators providing financial services in Italy, and over time we have continued to expand and improve our offer. We are also focusing on managed savings to grow in the future, with the aim of offering simple, clear and well-designed products. We are also present in the insurance sector, already a leader in life Insurance in Italy, and now also present in the non-Life sector. In these areas there are also very diversified, specialised skills ranging from business to marketing, from risk management to compliance, etc. The key factors for these roles are the market and customer-oriented culture, the ability to govern quantitative amounts, the ability to grasp market trends and to work as a team towards common goals.


Payment & Telco

Looking to the future by connecting people and making their lives easier

This area includes the management of payments, e-money services and mobile and landline telephone services. We have concentrated our experience and skills gained in these sectors to more effectively pursue our development objectives in the field of payments, while strengthening the service model for our customers (families, businesses, public administrations). The professionals operating in this area are very different and are distinguished not only by specialised know-how, but by the ability to create synergies between business and processes, to analyse market trends and to work with other people within the Company and the Group as well as outside of it.