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The Shareholders' Meeting of May 15, 2020 resolved to appoint the Board of Directors for a term of three financial years. The Board's term will therefore expire with the Shareholders' Meeting to be called to approve the financial statements for the year ending December 31, 2022.
The Shareholders' Meeting held on April 27, 2017 appointed Maria Bianca Farina as Chairman of the Board of Directors. The Chairman is responsible for directing and overseeing the functioning of the Board of Directors. In addition to the powers provided by law and under the by-laws, and the subsequent Board of Directors resolution on April 28, 2017, the Chairman has the following delegated powers, on a non-exclusive basis:

Internal Auditing:
  • supervision of the activities of the Internal Auditing department, acting as a liaison for and reporting to the Board of Directors; and
  • supervision of the Company's guidelines on the Internal Auditing department, together with the Chief Executive Officer.

Institutional Relations:
  • together with the Chief Executive Officer, maintaining institutional relations with the Parliament, the Government, the Ministries, institutional bodies and the other authorities, in connection with matters outside the scope of ordinary business operations of the Company and the Group.
On April 28, 2017, the Board of Directors appointed Matteo Del Fante as Chief Executive Officer and General Manager, who lead all the first level organizational departments, granting to him all the powers for the administration of the Company, with the exception of some powers which are assigned to the corporate bodies by law, the by-laws and by the same resolution of April 28, 2017.

Maria Bianca FarinaChairwoman
Matteo Del FanteChief Executive Officer and General Manager

Giovanni AzzoneDirector
Bernardo De StasioDirector
Daniela FavrinDirector
Davide IacovoniDirector
Mimi KungDirector
Elisabetta LunatiDirector
Roberto Rossi Director


Poste Italiane’s Board of Directors and its Committees - Structure 2019

Board of Directors     Control, Risk and
Sustainability Committee 
Remuneration Committee   Appointments and Corporate
Governance Committee  
Related Party and Connected
Party Committee  
Office Members (*) (**) (*) (**) (*) (**) (*) (**) (*)
Chairman Farina
Maria Bianca
CEO/GM1,2 Del Fante Matteo 11/11                
Director  Azzone Giovanni 11/11 11/11  7/7        
Director  Cerami Carlo 11/11     7/7      8/8 
Director  Guglielmetti Antonella 11/11 11/11      6/6     
Director  Isgrò Francesca 10/11 11/11          8/8 
Director  Kung Mimi 10/11         6/6  7/8 
Director  Rao Roberto 11/11         6/6  8/8 
Director  Rossi Roberto 11/11 11/11  7/7         
Number of meetings held during FY 2019   BoD:11 Control, Risk and Sustainability Committee:11 Remuneration Committee:7 Appointments and Corporate Governance
Related Party and Connected Party Committee:8

Threshold required to present slates of candidates for the Board of Directors (pursuant to article 147-ter of the Consolidated Law on Finance): 1% of share capital

1. Director in charge of the internal control and risk management system.

2. Person primarily responsible for the management of the issuer (Chief Executive Officer or CEO).

* This column shows the Directors’ respective attendance at meetings held by the Board of Directors and at its committees. Specifically, it shows the number of meetings attended by the Director concerned out of the total number of meetings held. All absences were appropriately justified. The Directors are expected to attend at least 90% of the Board of Directors meetings.

** This column shows the Director’s position on the committee: “C” = Chair, “M” = Member.