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Competition and Consumer Protection Compliance Statement by the CEO of Poste Italiane S.p.A.

In recent years, the Poste Italiane Group has embarked on a process of strengthening its Internal Control and Risk Management System (SCIGR), achieving excellent results that demonstrate how this process of profound change has transformed the Group, orienting it towards sustainable success. The adoption of a Competition and Consumer Protection Compliance Program  represents a further step along this path, as well as a testimony to the Group's commitment to the concrete implementation of the principles of integrity, transparency and legality in all business contexts, essential values on which the corporate identity is based.

The Group's Code of Ethics states that the Company "promotes integrity, honesty, fairness and fair competition between parties in the achievement of challenging objectives and new goals, committing itself to always respect every interlocutor, including competitors" and, with particular reference to relations with customers, that "Poste Italiane provides comprehensive and accurate information on products and services, so as to allow informed choices, respecting the commitments undertaken and avoiding creating improper expectations". Given the highly competitive contexts in which the Group operates, it is essential to ensure that compliance with the principles for the protection of competition and consumers is a primary value and an integral part of the corporate culture, in order not only to ensure compliance with current regulations, but also to ensure the ethical conduct of activities in relations with competitors, customers and all stakeholders in general.

In particular, the Code of Ethics, the Model 231, the Integrated Policy and the Guidelines, which the Poste Italiane Group has adopted as part of the Corporate Regulatory System, are designed to ensure that all persons contributing to the achievement of business objectives operate in full compliance with the laws and regulations applicable within the national regulatory framework. Therefore, voluntarily and proactively, the Group enhances its Regulatory System with a specific Guideline to regulate competition and consumer protection and define the rules of conduct that all members of the corporate bodies, managers, employees, as well as all those who work towards the achievement of the Group's purpose and objectives are required to observe in the conduct of business and in the management of relations with stakeholders, promoting respect for them and setting an example of actual application.

This Guideline is the foundation of the Group's broader Competition and Consumer Protection Compliance Program, which has been defined on the basis of the characteristics of the Poste Italiane Group and the markets in which it operates, in accordance with the Antitrust Compliance Guidelines issued by the Italian Antitrust Authority (AGCM) and taking into account best practices at national and international level. Moreover, the Group, in a voluntary and proactive manner, does not limit the scope of the Program to the Antitrust cases provided for by the aforementioned Authority Guidelines, but is aware that only a 360° approach can guarantee the widespread dissemination of a culture of competition, broadens the scope by including other anti-competitive offences and the violation of consumer protection regulations.