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Human Rights Policy Group Policy for the protection of Human Rights

On 13 December 2018, the Board of Directors of Poste Italiane approved a Group-wide policy for the protection of Human Rights, in connection with the Human Rights Day, an event celebrated across the World, on 10 December of each year, to honour the adoption and proclamation, by the United Nations General Assembly, of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, on 10 December 1948.

The Policy defines a clear approach on the subject, broader than provided for under the law, in order to monitor and manage the risks and opportunities related to all forms of human rights, also confirming our Group’s commitment to pursue investment and management activities centred on social responsibility.

This Policy further strengthens the Ethical Code adopted by the Group and constitutes a springboard for promoting the protection of human rights of all the people engaged in our value chain, including our employees, suppliers and partners, migrants, children, disabled persons, the victims of discrimination and and violence of any kind, the local communities and our customers.

At Poste Italiane we monitor the effectiveness of our approach primarily through dedicated tools, consisting in procedures for identifying and periodically assessing the risks both inside and outside the Group, a system for reporting any violations (whistleblowing), a system of sanctions and dialogue with the stakeholders.


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