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Investing in Poste Italiane A company based on solid business foundations adapted to the new needs of customers.

Deliver 2022 - the five-year strategic plan of Poste Italiane which aims to maximize the value of the largest distribution network in Italy.

Investing in Poste Italiane means investing in Italy’s largest service distribution network. Since its establishment in 1862, it has been synonymous with trust and proximity to the general public, businesses and institutions. With 158 years of experience behind it and a future that it intends to build around the pursuit of sustainable, innovative and profitable growth for communities, clients, employees and shareholders. The Group’s  activities  range  from  mail  and  parcels  delivery  to  financial  and insurance services, digital and card payment systems, mobile telecommunication services. In 2018, Poste Italiane presented Deliver 2022, a five-year strategic plan. At the core of the strategy there is a deep understanding of the evolving needs of our customers and a transformation program focused on our people, innovation and technology. The five-year strategy is built on clear and pragmatic financial targets and KPIs leveraging on our strengths:
  • as the most effective and trusted distribution network in Italy, with a vast and loyal customer base of 35 million people
  • a uniquely diversified business model, made up of four different but highly complementary segments, adaptable to macro environment, delivering sustainable revenue and operating profit growth
  • a strong platform for innovation and customer experience driving growth
  • a  Group  benefitting  from  a  strong  balance  sheet  and  sound  liquidity position  coupled  with  a  negligible  debt  leverage  and  wide,  unexploited debt capacity
  • our five year targets are to deliver a 5% increase in revenues, a 60% increase in EBIT and doubling of net profit
  • a commitment to a 5% per annum increase in the dividend for 2018, 2019 and 2020 and to a minimum pay-out of 60% leading to a dividend growth of more than 5% a year over the course of the plan
  • the execution of our strategic plan is supported by three key enablers: our people, our brand and a focus on sustainability
  • our Deliver  2022  vision  is  “To  be  Italy’s  most  effective  and trusted distribution network”




Fonti: Banca d’Italia, Ania, AGCOM, CRIF
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Poste Italiane’s sustainability path

Over the last three years, Poste Italiane has undertaken an important sustainability path aimed at promoting the distinctive elements of its corporate strategy, transforming market challenges into opportunities for the creation of shared value and contributing to the development of the company’s reputation.
To support the achievement of the objectives set along this path, the Company has undertaken specific actions with the aim of promoting and disseminating, at Group level, a corporate culture oriented towards sustainability throughout the entire value chain. These actions, taken along three main lines - Reporting, Strategy and Governance - have led to important evolutionary transformations that in a short time have led the Company to achieve numerous goals and awards; emblematic, is the entry into the prestigious international sustainability indices.
Intended as a key element to support business strategy, today sustainability is considered an integral component of the company’s activities, processes and strategy, being embedded in all components of the Company and an essential element for the definition of future strategic and financial choices undertaken by the Group.

Poste Italiane’s sustainability path