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Poste Italiane's model is based on a strong integration of physical and remote channels with our app being the most downloaded financial app in 2022. Specifically, 96% of Italians live within 5 minutes from a Post Office or a PuntoPoste touchpoint. Fully integrating our channels, allows us to follow customers from engagement to sale through a data-driven service model, supported by tech-intensive processes and customer operations. This model also contributes to the country’s digitalization and reduces the digital divide. Through its omnichannel interaction platform, Poste Italiane manages more than 20 million daily interactions with clients, of which 9.3 million from digital channels. We live in an increasingly inter-connected world with infinite physical and digital touchpoints, rapidly evolving towards instant and real-time interactions. 
In this context Poste Italiane is ready to become the largest omnichannel platform in Italy providing access to services and products.  

Poste is an important engine of innovation and digitalization of Italy, connecting the country in a new hybrid world. Now, we aim to become the single point of entry for all Italians daily needs. Poste is the only company able to link Italian SMEs, Public Administration and citizens. We play a primary role in transforming the e-commerce landscape. In 2022, 30% of overall B2C deliveries went through our network, with 240 million parcels delivered and almost 600 million e-commerce transactions via our payments tools. We are also committed to reinforce the relationship between individuals and Public Administrations, with over 26 million public digital identities – SPID – with a national market share of 77%. Poste Italiane’s business activities, in addition to generating direct impacts (i.e. closely linked to the Company’s economic activity), requires the purchase of goods and services produced by other companies (generating indirect impacts) and allows families who have received income thanks to the work done for the Group and its suppliers to purchase new goods and services (generating induced impacts). Poste Italiane also provides an overview of the economic value generated and distributed by the Company to its stakeholders such as suppliers, employees, lenders, the community, public administration and shareholders.

Poste Italiane is the distribution platform of choice in Italy, and we have a track record of successfully expanding our offer and reach. Over time we have progressed from distributing Poste products exclusively through our post office network, to expanding the marketplace for these products via our proprietary digital channel, to selling third party products across our channels and then leveraging on third party networks and diversified partners for distribution.

We have improved our proximity to customers beyond our network via a diversified third-party distribution network, which includes our PuntoPoste points, as well as FIT, Lottomatica, Edenred and ENI locations.

96% of Italians live within 5 minutes distance from a Poste Italiane touchpoint with circa 13,000 post offices open 6 days a week as well as an extensive network of contact points which counts 58,000 where citizens can undertake all their needs 7 days a week 24 hours a day. During the year 2022, the PuntoPoste network expanded with the entry of more than 1,600 new points. At 31 December 2022, the Punto Poste network had more than 15,000 contact points.

In 2022, the incidence of daily interactions on new channels (digital and third-party networks) increased from 64% in 2021 to 68%. The share of digital and third-party network transactions in total transactions
also increased from 33% in 2021 to 36% in 2022. Digitally we achieved 15.8m of customers with at least one access to Poste digital properties in 2022 versus 14.3m in 2021.

This in turn drives us at Poste to continually innovate in our physical and digital offer and deliver a seamless experience to our customers, wherever and however they interact with us. Our 35 million customers and their relationship with us is at the heart of everything we do in all segments, at the strategic and operating level. Poste aims to become the single point of entry for all Italians daily needs. Poste Italiane is in fact the only company able to link Italian SMEs, Public Administration and citizens, through the 23.8m Poste Italiane’s National Digital ID solution for citizens (leader in Italy).

The company's business model includes a statement about their target market.
With 35 million customers and 27 million postal savings clients, Poste Italiane has by far the largest client base in the country.
Italians trust us with their savings, rely on our insurance products, use our cards and phones and, of course, come to us to deliver their mail and parcels. Insurance investment products lapse-rate is only 3.5% versus a market average of 6.7%. In more than 160 years our Postine and Postini and our Post Offices, have been the main physical connections in the country.
We further strengthened our partnership with Microsoft to provide innovative digital services to Italian companies and public administration, supporting and facilitating SMEs growth in Italy.
Our target for savings, financial, fibre-connection, mobile phone, insurance and utilities are Italians.

Omnichannel service model
Poste Italiane has a widely diversified and unique business model. It is a four-in-one fully integrated platform company and is leader in each of its businesses.

Poste Italiane is not simply a postal and logistics operator, it offers financial, insurance, payments, telephony and soon to be launched energy services across its ubiquitous and enhancing the strong Post Office network, integrating it with B2B2C partner networks, in synergy with the strengthening of digital channels.

No other operator has the customer base, reach, trust and brand identity of Poste Italiane.

This transformation has been enabled by our state-of-the-art IT platform.

The 2.8 billion yearly transactions which we analyse through data mining are boosted by key capabilities we show on the right: we have integrated almost 600 API partners, handling 36% of customer instructions through AI and 86% of our new initiatives are cloud-based.

Leveraging on more than 20 million daily interactions across our platform, we have extended the scope of the engagement of our customers. Historically each channel was in charge of engagement as well as transactions and sales, see the blue arrows. Now we have extended our engagement across distribution channels. So, for example, the digital or PuntoPoste customer engagement can be completed with transactions and sales in our post offices, as you can see from the yellow arrows. And all this happens with the aim of a seamless customer experience.

The figure shown below outlines Poste Italiane’s business model, characterised by the interaction between strategy, value creation process and forms of financial and non-financial capital.

The value creation process at Poste Italiane