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The leadership model is the set of skills that inspires our people and underpins all the processes of their development. 
It is the reference of our common values around which we create the leadership culture that is distinctive and spread throughout the company.
Acting in accordance with our leadership vision means becoming key players in change and working towards common objectives, promoting the integration and synergy of skills and resources.
Our model puts people at the centre, creating a continuous relationship between managers and their teams with moments dedicated to even informal discussion. Feedback thus constitutes a central moment in the relationship between manager and employee.
Giving feedback is like saying, "I see you", not only during the process of performance evaluation but continuously in the knowledge that, together, we can take stock of what has been achieved, think about how and what to improve, and draw new goals.
In this sense, Poste Italiane promotes a culture of innovation and feed-forward, helping people to look ahead with a view to continuous improvement is a must for us!