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On 6 December 2017 Poste Italiane signed a new memorandum of understanding with the Guardia di Finanza with the aim to ensure the enforcement of measures to prevent tax evasion, avoidance, fraud and public spending-related offences, economic and financial crime, money laundering, falsification and fraud in relation to payment systems.
This three-year agreement is also aimed at ensuring widespread transparency in awarding procedures, with an eye to fully protecting the dynamics of free competition in the market.

All the data concerning our contracts will be entered into the new portal set up strictly for the Guardia di Finanza’s use, for preventing criminal infiltrations in contracts and for combating undeclared work.
Also with an eye to achieving absolute transparency, our company has set up the portal “Open & Transparent Contracts”, a web space which can be consulted by anyone, containing the main data on each contract.

By surfing the portal you can obtain detailed information on each single contract stipulated during the month with the related amount, duration, product area, contracting procedure, type, geographic position and name of successful bidder.
The portal also shows the total number of contracts signed in the year by Poste Italiane, broken down by product area and economic value.

The published data refer to contracts signed during EU public procurement procedures for the supply of goods and services and for works subject to the Code of public contracts, as well as those relating to the supply of goods, services and works excluded by the Code of public contracts.