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Italy, like many other countries, is undergoing a profound transformation of its economic system and social models, driven by long-term trends such as increasing digitalisation, globalisation and demographic change.

Thanks to its 33 million customers and deep roots in the community through its nearly 13,000 post offices, Poste Italiane can play a central role in leading Italy through this time of change by helping it stay competitive and grow.

The group's history, trusted role and presence in society make it an important partner to individuals, companies and the government. By combining these factors with its technological infrastructure, the simplicity of its products and the completeness and transversal scope of its range, Poste Italiane aims to lead the way in identifying ongoing demographic and technological trends while developing its core businesses: post and parcels, financial and insurance services and asset management.

The next few months will be fundamental to the development of the new business plan, which will allow the group to continue with its current growth. We are working on projects relating to electronic money, the Parcels, Communication and Logistics business, casualty insurance, savings and services for the government. In particular:
  • We will concentrate on expanding our range of insurance and asset management solutions;
  • In financial services, we will focus on enhancing our payment systems by leveraging our customer base and recent equity investment in SIA;
  • We will step up our development of innovative services for the government;
  • In logistics and parcels, we will continue to develop our parcel business by harnessing the growth of e-commerce and further improving the quality of our postal service.

In so doing, we will contribute to reinforcing the group's cash-generating capacity, in support of a dividend policy that in 2017 is expected to be similar to the previous two years.

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