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Composition and Requirements The Board of Directors of the Poste Italiane Group. Members and associated Committees.

Poste Italiane's By-laws state the Board of Directors is composed of no fewer than five and no more than nine members. The exact number is determined by the ordinary Shareholders' Meeting. Moreover, the By-laws state that non-controlling shareholders can appoint one-fourths (rounding up) of the total number of Directors.

The Shareholders' Meeting held on April 27, 2017 appointed the Board of Directors, that is composed by the following nine members: Maria Bianca Farina, Matteo Del Fante, Giovanni Azzone, Carlo Cerami, Antonella Guglielmetti, Francesca Isgrò, Mimi Kung, Roberto Rao, Roberto Rossi.

The same Shareholders' Meeting held on April 27, 2017 appointed Maria Bianca Farina as Chairman of the Board of Directors and, on April 28, 2017, the Board of Directors appointed Matteo Del Fante as Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of the Company.

All directors will stay in office until the Shareholders' Meeting to be called to approve the financial statements for the year ending December 31, 2019.

Therefore, the Board of Directors is now composed by the following nine members:
  • Maria Bianca Farina (Chairman)
  • Matteo Del Fante (Chief Executive Officer and General Manager)
  • Giovanni Azzone
  • Carlo Cerami
  • Antonella Guglielmetti
  • Francesca Isgrò
  • Mimi Kung
  • Roberto Rao
  • Roberto Rossi

​​​​​Board of Directors​​

Chairman Maria Bianca Farina(1)        
Chief Executive Officer and General Manager Matteo Del Fante        
Director Giovanni Azzone(1) (2)   X X  
Director Carlo Cerami(1) (2)   X   X
Director Antonella Guglielmetti(1) (2) X   X  
Director Francesca Isgrò(1) (2)     X X
Director Mimi Kung(1) (2) X     X
Director Roberto Rao(1) (2) X     X
Director Roberto Rossi(1) (2)   X X  

NCGC = Nominations and Corporate Governance Committe
RC = Remuneration Committee
CRSC = Control, Risk and Sustainability Committee
RCPC = Related and Connected Parties Committee

(1) Non executive Director
(2) Independent Director pursuant to articles 147-ter, paragraph 4 and 148, paragraph 3 of Unified Financial Act, as well as article 3 of Italian Corporate Governance Code.

The Directors’ attendance at meetings held by the Board of Directors – year 2017 (DatA PUBLISHED IN THE “REPORT ON CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND OWNERSHIP STRUCTURE – year 2017”)

Office  Members In office
In office
Board of Directors*
Chair Farina Maria Bianca 4/2017 12/2017 8/8
CEO/GM ◊ • Del Fante Matteo 4/2017 12/2017 8/8
Director Azzone Giovanni 1/2017 12/2017 13/14
Director Cerami Carlo 4/2017 12/2017 8/8
Director Guglielmetti Antonella 4/2017 12/2017 8/8
Director Isgrò Francesca 4/2017 12/2017 8/8
Director Kung Mimi 1/2017 12/2017 14/14
Director Rao Roberto 1/2017 12/2017 14/14
Director Rossi Roberto 4/2017 12/2017 8/8
Directors who left during the fy
Chair Todini Luisa 1/2017 4/2017 6/6
CEO/GM ◊ • Caio Francesco 1/2017 4/2017 6/6
Director Fabri Elisabetta 1/2017 4/2017 6/6
Director Nicodano Umberto Carlo Maria 1/2017 4/2017 6/6
Director Palmieri Chiara 1/2017 4/2017 6/6
Director Passerini Filippo 1/2017 4/2017 5/6

* This column shows the Directors’ attendance at meetings held by the Board of Directors. Specifically, it shows the number of meetings attended by the Director concerned out of the total number of meetings held. All absences were appropriately justified.
This symbol indicates the Director in charge of the internal control and risk management system.
This symbol indicates the person primarily responsible for the management of the issuer (Chief Executive Officer or CEO).

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