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Integrated Policy of Poste Italiane Group An Integrated Management Policy for defining and recording the Company’s commitment to all our Stakeholders.

In addition to the Code of Ethics, the Company adopted a Group Integrated Policy, which reflects and documents the commitment made to all Company’s stakeholders, to improve its performance and, at the same time, build and develop trusting relationships with them, as part of a process of generating and sharing value for the Company as well as for the communities in which it operates, with the idea of achieving continuity and reconciliation of the related interests. In 2021, the Integrated Policy was updated through the integration of principles and activities relative to compliance management, in order to further stress the centrality of the topics of Integrity and Transparency in relations with all Group stakeholders, also in line with the requirements laid down by standard ISO 37301 - Compliance Management Systems.

Our purpose is to improve our performance and at the same time to build and develop trust-based relationships with our Stakeholders, as part of an overall process for sharing value between the Company and the stakeholders, based on continuity and reconciling our respective interests.

This is part of a more ambitious process initiated by the Company’s Management aimed at strengthening the principles of lawfulness and transparency, based on the revision of the Group’s Code of Ethics  ( Code of Ethics of Poste Italiane Group ), which is applicable to the entire Group and aimed at directors and employees, as well as at all stakeholder categories. In addition to the general principles of conduct, the guidelines set out in Poste Italiane’s Code of Ethics particularly refer to the protection of:
  • workers’ rights and dignity;
  • corporate assets and data processing;
  • workplaces.
In 2019, in order to promote the principles and values set out in the company’s Code of Ethics, Poste Italiane organized a number of compliance-related training initiatives, focusing on specific regulatory issues such as safety in the workplace, regulatory compliance, the 231 organisational model, quality, anti-corruption etc., which involved the corporate population transversally.
Poste Italiane Group's Integrated Policy pays particular attention to the issue of quality. In fact, this Policy documents the Company’s commitment to the continuous integration of quality within the development strategy. The aim is for all the processes involved in planning, development and implementation of products and services to be mapped within the quality management systems.

In continuity with initiatives aimed at promoting growing attention to issues of transparency and legality, in 2020, Poste Italiane strengthened its collaboration with Guardia di Finanza (Finance Police), signing a Memorandum of Understanding to combat economic and financial crime. In order to consolidate the rooting of the company rules and standards in the processes, and in order to stress and clearly communicate - both internally and externally - the organisation’s position on such matters, in 2021, Poste Italiane renewed this collaboration for the increasingly capillary spread of the principles of legality and transparency on the market and to prevent financial crimes.

The Policy contains a commitment to promptly comply with current regulations: ISO 37301:2021 for compliance management, UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 for quality control, ISO 45001:2018 for occupational health and safety, ISO 37001:2016 to prevent practices that may result in alleged and/or confirmed crimes of bribery, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018 respectively regarding the data security management system and the information management system to support company processes.
The Policy applies to Poste Italiane and our subsidiaries, for which it serves as a benchmark for the implementation of the general principles and specific issues.
Having regard to the prevention of corruption, the Policy describes the forbidden behaviour, the general principles to which Poste Italian Group undertakes to adapt in the performance of its activities and the specific rules of conduct in respect of the more corruption-prone activities.