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Equal opportunities The Group intends to promote the dissemination of an inclusive business culture aimed at ensuring respect for equal opportunities, reducing situations of individual fragility and enhancing diversity of thought, considered a fundamental resource for the development and growth of the Company.

Poste Italiane considers respect for individuals and their professional development to be essential values and is aware that the relational, intellectual, organisational and technical skills of each employee represent a strategic resource for the Group. The Company promotes the dissemination of an inclusive business culture aimed at ensuring respect for equal opportunities, considering the value of each person regardless of gender, reducing situations of individual fragility and enhancing diversity of thought, considered a fundamental resource for the development and growth of the company.
In its Code of Ethics, the Group expresses its attention to the fair management and growth of the intellectual potential of its human resources, in line with the criteria of merit and performance achieved, ensuring equal treatment and condemning any form of discrimination. In this regard, People are selected on the basis of their professionalism and skills with respect to the Company's needs, regardless of their personal characteristics - age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnic origin, nationality, political opinions and religious beliefs - in accordance with the principle of impartiality.
The development and enhancement of the distinctive skills of people, in all forms and manifestations, at the various levels of the organisation represent fundamental strategic levers to support the growth of the Group's business. Enhancing diversity is fundamental to increase the engagement of People in corporate objectives, the correct management of which creates a competitive advantage for the Company and generates shared social value.
For several years, Poste Italiane has been one of the subscribers of the "Equal Opportunities and Equality at Work Charter", a declaration of intent voluntarily signed by companies of all sizes regarding the dissemination of a corporate culture and the adoption of inclusive human resources policies, free from discrimination and prejudice and designed to enhance talent in all its diversity. The Charter promotes a series of values oriented towards the creation of a working environment that can foster inclusion and pluralism, where equal opportunities are recognised for each person and where individual skills are valued. Recognising these values, the Group is committed to promoting equity and social cohesion, thus stimulating the sustainable growth of the Company.

The Group has implemented a number of initiatives. The main ones are summarised below:
  • Supporting maternity and paternity. The “Maam” initiative launched by Poste Italiane in 2015 consists of a digital programme aimed at strengthening the skills relating to the procreative experience of motherhood, which may also be useful at the time of returning to work. Approximately 700 moms and dads participated in the programme in 2020, with male participation increasing by +15% over 2019. The initiative is supported by an online community that allows mothers and fathers to discuss parenting and the MAAM path in a protected and stimulating environment by integrating the various experiences through a relational system of over 5,500 participants from various companies, facilitating the process of learning, training and skills development. Finally, in order to enhance consolidated skills, useful for an effective return to or activity at work, the Multiply programme allows a voluntary exchange between the manager and the employee for the enhancement of skills. MAAM is therefore designed to help share a cultural model at all levels which is geared towards the inclusion of women in the workplace, and encouraging active parenting for both parents. The programme will continue in 2021, under the name "Lifeed" and will be usable on all devices.
  • Developing women’s leadership. Poste Italiane intends to promote gender equality issues and the professional growth of women within the Company. With this in mind, since 2012, the Group has been a supporting member of Valore D, the association of companies that promotes diversity, talent and female leadership in support of greater gender balance. Poste Italiane has participated in managerial training, skill building and role modelling in support of issues relating to gender balance and inter-company mentorship projects, in order to promote the professional development of women towards managerial roles. In 2020, 46% of Poste Italiane’s workforce was made up of female middle and senior Managers and 44.4% of the Parent.
  • Alliance among generations. Poste Italiane intends to promote the exchange of skills between different generations. In line with this vision, two editions of the"FishBowl Generation" programme were created, an innovative format that aimed to develop a listening process on the guiding values, languages, prevailing behaviours and styles of relationships adopted in professional contexts by colleagues of different ages, in order to identify practices and methods useful for fostering an alliance between different generations. During the two editions, about 120 employees participated. The analysis made it possible to obtain an initial representative survey of behaviours and reference practices to be reinforced and disseminated in the work contexts, in order to encourage proximity and active relationships between the different generations that exist in the Company.
  • Enhancement of disabled staff. With the aim of enhancing diversity and social inclusion, the Company has developed a trial initiative aimed at hiring deaf personnel fluent in Italian sign language, to work at special counters for deaf customers in post offices in large cities. Poste Italiane also provides for the use of Italian Sign Language interpreters to translate the most relevant messages and news items on digital communication channels into sign language, and to support training activities or management interviews with deaf colleagues. With this inclusive view, in 2020, the Group continued its efforts to remove architectural barriers from its offices in municipalities with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants, in order to make them more easily accessible to all.
  • Supporting vulnerability. As part of the caring initiatives aimed at employees with situations of fragility, an inter-company research project was launched in collaboration with Fondazione Lavoroperlapersona, with the aim of promoting the social and work inclusion of all employees suffering from serious illnesses and to support the company in identifying actions aimed at enabling these workers to continue to carry out their work activities in the best possible way. The objective of the research was to undertake a listening process to identify the main cultural, organisational and managerial implications related to a condition of vulnerability and to detect the sensitivity on the issue of all the people working in the Company. In the first phase of the programme, analysis focus groups were set up, coordinated by the Foundation's researchers, involving a panel of colleagues with a serious illness, their bosses and Human Resources representatives. The perceptions and experiences of the entire company population were then collected through voluntary and anonymous surveys. This initiative, which follows on from trials of the PosteHelp project launched in the regions of Lombardy, Lazio, Campania and Sicily, will make it possible to plan and develop responses in line with the real needs of the business population. In addition, a course on Fragility Management has been planned, open to all personnel, in order to have a shared vision of the subject at company level. The programme offers video clips on the main issues concerning disabilities and fragility that are experienced in the family, such as the management of time and space, life balance and moments of pause.