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Equal opportunities The Group intends to promote the dissemination of an inclusive business culture aimed at ensuring respect for equal opportunities, reducing situations of individual fragility and enhancing diversity of thought, considered a fundamental resource for the development and growth of the Company.

Poste Italiane intends to promote the dissemination of an inclusive business culture aimed at ensuring respect for equal opportunities, reducing situations of individual fragility and enhancing diversity of thought, considered a fundamental resource for the development and growth of the Company. 

In this regard, people are selected on the basis of their professionalism and skills with respect to the Company’s needs, regardless of their personal characteristics - age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnic origin, nationality, political opinions and religious beliefs - in accordance with the principle of impartiality.

The development and enhancement of people’s distinctive skills, in all their forms and expressions and at different levels across the organisation account for the key strategic engine supporting the growth of the Group’s business. The enhancement of diversity is an enabling factor for the involvement and engagement of people to achieve corporate objectives. In addition, increasing awareness in the management of diversity creates a competitive advantage for the Company and shared social value.

For this reason, Poste Italiane subscribes to the “Equal Opportunities and Equality at Work Charter”, a declaration of intent voluntarily signed by companies of all sizes regarding the dissemination of a corporate culture and the adoption of inclusive
human resources policies, free from discrimination and prejudice and designed to enhance talent in all its diversity.

The Group has implemented a number of initiatives. The main ones are summarised below:
  • Supporting maternity and paternity.  The “Maam” initiative launched by Poste Italiane in 2015 consists of a digital programme aimed at strengthening the skills relating to the procreative experience of motherhood, which may also be useful at the time of returning to work. From 2018, the programme was also extended to fathers. The initiative is part of a broader framework of cultural awareness actions regarding the importance of the presence of women in the workforce and support for active parenting for both parents. More than 500 mothers and fathers participated in the programme in 2019. The initiative is supported by an online community that allows mothers and fathers to discuss parenting and the MAAM path in a protected and stimulating environment by integrating the various experiences through a relational system of over 5,500 participants from various companies, facilitating the process of learning, training and skills development.
  • Developing women’s leadership. In collaboration with the Association Valore D, Poste Italiane has participated in managerial training, skill building and role modelling in support of issues relating to gender balance and inter-company mentorship projects, in order to promote the professional development of women towards managerial roles. In 2019, 46% of Poste Italiane’s workforce was made up of female middle and senior Managers and 44.4% of the Parent.
  • The attention posed to age management. Poste Italiane continued to participate in “Innov’age in the Postal Sector”, European project that aims to contribute to a better understanding of age management in the postal sector and to develop a training programme to support leaders in the management of heterogeneous teams in generational terms and to provide the tools for the enhancement of diversity that increasingly characterises the operational realities of companies. In addition, a pilot project, “Maestri di Mestiere” (Masters of Trades), has been developed to enhance the skills of senior resources to encourage the transfer of skills to junior professionals. Finally, Regarding Business Market and Public Administration, the Talents 2.0 Project was launched with the aim of engaging with junior and senior professionals in order to generate improvements in problem-solving skills, through the innovative design thinking methodology, with respect to issues central to the development of activities.
  • Enhancement of disabled staff. As part of the “Progetto LIS – Laboratori musicali inclusive” (Italian Sign Language Project - Inclusive Music Workshops), was the launch of a music workshop aimed at facilitating the learning of sign language. Group employees and their families were invited to join the choir including voices and Mani Bianche that revolves around the experience of the Mani Bianche Roma Onlus Association. The project also envisages activation of a multidisciplinary training course aimed at counter staff who wish to acquire basic skills to communicate with deaf customers, consisting of classroom sessions and a workshop.
  • Supporting vulnerability. The “PosteHelp” project is aimed at offering a network of services and support initiatives to colleagues suffering from serious diseases. The project breaks down into: corporate volunteering to support basic needs, coaching sessions by in-house professionals, and guidance and support activities to identify more accredited treatment centres for specific diseases nationwide. Caring Solution is the listening initiative promoted in 2019 by the Group designed for staff returning to work after a period of absence and in support of any fragility that may have emerged, aimed at improving the working environment and strengthening the sense of belonging. The project aims to understand with personalised logic, situations of difficulties, by diagnosing the problem, carrying out interviews and defining ad hoc intervention plans on specific cases.