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Market & Sales

Ida Cito

Specialist financial advisor

Ida Cito
Ida Cito works as a specialist financial consultant at the post office branch in Gioia del Colle, in the province of Bari.
Trust is her key word, and it is the link between her daily work with customers as well as her relationship with her post office colleagues: the cashiers, other consultants and managers who together decide on action plans and activities.
To gain people's trust you have to learn to listen to them and to put your knowledge at their service.
There isn't one type of customer, from employee to student to freelancer, there are many different kinds of people who ask for advice on their financial needs. Her job is to schedule appointments, study the most appropriate products and services to meet specific needs, both those expressed and hidden, to guide and follow life's changes.
In her free time she sings in a polyphonic choir, which is a good metaphor for her working life listening to customers and working in tune with her post office colleagues.

Post office counter clerk

Anna Maria Severini
"Patience, cheerfulness and willingness to listen. These are the qualities a counter clerk has to have. People trust Poste Italiane so they trust the people who represent the company. This is a source of great pride and satisfaction".
The interaction with people, the collaboration between colleagues: staying behind the counter means listening and solving problems, helping and understanding.  "Patience, warmth and the wish to listen", so Anna Maria.
There are so many and so different people who go to the post office every day, from the usual customer to the so-called new Italians, from pensioners to people with special needs: for all of them the counter clerk’s presence and competence is necessary because it is the counter clerk who is in charge of managing and solving the different needs.
“People trust Poste Italiane and consequently they trust me who in that very moment represent the company. This is a further reason to be proud and satisfied of.” Anna Maria lives in a little town and knows many, maybe even all people, thanks to her job in Poste.

Logistics & Delivery

Paolo Patriarca

Head of Network Engineering

Paolo Patriarca
Taking care of logistics in a company like Poste Italiane is fascinating because you are continuously dealing with people
Ours is a network of people, the most important asset we have.
It is a network of colleagues that gets to the homes of Italians every day.

“Logistics is a never ending flood”. Thanks to this definition it’s easy to imagine vehicles, objects and people of Poste Italiane being moved and having customers’ requests delivered to their homes all over Italy every day and night. Logistics is time, moment, not days ", so Paolo Patriarca. In the video we see him engaged as a volunteer for the Italian Red Cross, once again struggling with an organisation and its people.
Paolo’s day starts with him reading the information of what occurred the night before and learning the decisions taken concerning possible technical intervention. In fact the people working on such topics are required, in addition to technical skills, to have the ability to understand situations quickly, remain alert, be flexible and communicative.

Head of a Postal Mechanization Center

Lucia Benigni
"Improvement and innovation come directly from our colleagues on field".
The CMP, postal mechanization centre, the so-called factory where collecting and sorting of letters and parcels from post offices and great customers takes place and from which the postman delivers the correspondence to the final customer is the place where Lucia Benigni works.
At Bologna Postal Mechanization Center, historical facility, about 1000 people work: it is a place where above all manager and employees are involved in all activities. Lucia tells us about the necessary tools: “Enthusiasm and capability to work in a team” and “effective listening is of great importance. I learn lots of things from my colleagues.”   With an experience in a similar position but in a different context, the key word for Lucia Benigni has always been readiness for change, getting together, acknowledging ideas for improvement and innovation. 

Giuseppe Donatacci


Giuseppe Donatacci
"The lovely thing about being a postman is that people recognise you and when possible offer you something to drink. You know you have become a real postman when you ring the doorbell and the answer is: Hello Giuseppe!"
Let’s have a chat with Giuseppe Donatacci, postman in Bologna.
Giuseppe’s workday begins in front of the filing cabinet in the distribution center before actually starting his “trip”. Giuseppe tells us about himself and his job: “The trip is your business itinerary: when you are in your area, you are on your trip ’.  He also tells us that it’s all about social recognition: “ you understand you have become a real postman when you ring the doorbell and the answer is: hello Giuseppe”!
We like to say “become” since you turn into a postman step by step. We see him under the arcades downtown, with his handheld, letters and people.
Then we discover his passions: music and playing the piano.

Information Security

Nicola Sotira

Head of CERT

Nicola Sotira "Computer Emergency Response Team"
"Every day we work to protect the information of Poste Italiane and all its customers".
"Our everyday job is to protect all information concerning both our clients and the company.” This, in a few words is what Nicola Sotira and his group do every day. It’s like being in a gym, exercising nonstop in order to prevent cyber-attacks. Sure, you need to know how to program a computer and have strong technical skills, but the most important thing if you wish to work in the field of data protection is that you like doing research and you have to be curious: “do not stop when there is the first sign of a problem, continue with investigating". The satisfaction for his job and for his team is clearly shown in the video. Then we discover his passion: horses and the freedom they give him.

Human Resources

Silvia De Vecchi

Corporate University Manager

Silvia De Vecchi
"If you want to be part of HR management you have to be interested in people, because otherwise you'll be managing numbers, not people".
“If you work for Human Resources Management you must to be a link between the people and the company, between the employers forming the organization and the organization as a whole”.
About 15 people who work for Silvia De Vecchi, every day listen to the colleagues wishes and needs,  follow their professional careers, provide tools and know how in order to be able to give the best contribution to the company.
From the very first day at work, HR management supports  every single employee’s growth by finding the right mix between what the person wants to do and the needs of the company. 
It goes without saying that the first tool everybody must learn is effective listening : "In order to manage human resources one must be interested in people, because otherwise you manage numbers and not people".
The second essential element necessary for all those who deal with HR management, and strongly linked to the first, is the wish to go "one step beyond":  know the rules and create new ways and more functional habits, always in the interest of the person and the company.
Another important element is the ability to have an overview of the company's development, its business objectives and a detailed knowledge of the work contract, of policies and procedures to be able to act in a coherent and up-to-date way towards people.