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Organisation The organisational chart of Poste Italiane

codice-svg-EN curriculum vitae Mirko MISCHIATTI Mirko MISCHIATTI Information Technology Maria Bianca FARINA Chair w oman curriculum vitae Paolo MARTELLA Paolo MARTELLA Chi e f O pe r a ting Offi c e Boa r d o f D i r ec t ors Matteo DEL FANTE Chief Executive Officer and General Manager curriculum vitae Carolina GIANARDI Carolina GIANARDI (*) Ban c o P ost a s I n t ernal A uditing function r eports di r ectl y t o the Boa r d o f D i r ec t ors and Boa r d o f A udi t ors S t r at egic M ar k eting curriculum vitae Pierangelo SCAPPINI Pierangelo SCAPPINI H uman R esou r c es and O r g aniz a tion curriculum vitae Giuseppe Lasco Giuseppe LASCO C orpo r at e A f f airs curriculum vitae Paolo Casati Paolo CASATI I n t ernal A uditing curriculum vitae Guido Maria NOLA Guido Maria NOLA Chi e f F inancial Offi c e curriculum vitae Lucia FIORAVANTI Lucia FIORAVANTI R egul at or y A f f airs and R el a tions with A uthorities curriculum vitae Antonio Nervi Antonio NERVI Investment G ov ernan c e curriculum vitae Andrea NOVELLI Andrea NOVELLI Ban c o P osta (*) curriculum vitae Pietro Paolo RAELI Pietro Paolo RAELI P ost Offi c e N et w ork curriculum vitae Massimo ROSINI Massimo ROSINI Mail, Logistics and C ommunic a tion Servi c es curriculum vitae Tiziana MORANDI Tiziana MORANDI B usine s s S ales and Public Administration curriculum vitae Marco SIRACUSANO Marco SIRACUSANO P a yme n ts, Mobile and D igital R en at o GR E C O Offi c e o f the C E O
Market Orientation and Customer Focus are the two primary guidelines of our organisational model.

Our operations are organised around two commercial channels and three specialised business areas backed by company units focused on strategy, governance, controls and the provision of services to support business processes.

The two commercial channels are run by the Post Office Network and the Business Sales and Public Administration department.

The Post Office Network manages the retail and small/medium enterprise segments. It serves as the main point of access to our products and services and coordinates the post offices network.

The Business and Public Administration department focuses on major industrial groups, banks and the public administration.

Mail, Logistic and Communication Services provides letter, parcel and advertising mail services while BancoPosta is the business unit dedicated to financial services.

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