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Organisation The organisational chart of Poste Italiane

Maria Bianca FARINA Chairwoman curriculum vitae Mirko MISCHIATTI Mirko MISCHIATTI Information Technology Board of Directors curriculum vitae Matteo DEL FANTE Matteo DEL FANTE Chief Executive Officer and General Manager curriculum vitae Paolo MARTELLA Paolo MARTELLA Chief Operating Office Melany LIBRARO Customer Experience Transformation curriculum vitae Giuseppe Lasco Giuseppe LASCO Vice General Manager Corporate Affairs curriculum vitae Paolo Casati Paolo CASATI Internal Auditing curriculum vitae Guido Maria NOLA Guido Maria NOLA Chief Financial Office curriculum vitae Pierangelo SCAPPINI Pierangelo SCAPPINI Human Resources and Organization curriculum vitae Laura FURLAN Laura FURLAN BancoPosta (*) curriculum vitae Andrea NOVELLI Andrea NOVELLI Post Office Network curriculum vitae Massimo ROSINI Massimo ROSINI Mail, Logistics and Communication Services curriculum vitae Tiziana MORANDI Tiziana MORANDI Business Sales and Public Administration curriculum vitae Marco SIRACUSANO Marco SIRACUSANO Payments and Mobile Renato GRECO Office of the CEO (*) BancoPosta's Internal Auditing function reports directly to the Board of Directors and the Board of Auditors
The strategy of Poste Italiane aims to maximize the value of the largest Italian distribution network, exploiting new customer needs and growth opportunities related to digitalization.

Our organizational model, consistently designed with the Company’s strategy, consists of business units specialized on main areas of the offer, two commercial channels dedicated to the sale of products and services of our Group and several corporate functions focused on governance, controls and provision of services to support business processes.

The two commercial channels are run by the Post Office Network and the Business and Public Administration Sales departments.

The Post Office Network function manages the commercial front end for the Private Customer and SME segments and is in charge of the post office network and area and branch offices covering the entire country. Is the main point of access to products and services offered by Poste Italiane and is also responsible for distribution and sale of financial and insurance sectors to the business and public administration segments.
The Business and Public Administration Sales function is responsible of large and medium-sized enterprises and the public administration segment, with a specialization in the postal and logistics sector.

Mail, Logistics and Communication Services provides letter post, parcel and advertising mail services. BancoPosta is the business unit dedicated to financial services.

The insurance business and the payments and mobile sector are governed respectively by PosteVita Group and Postepay S.p.A.

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