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Wolfsberg Questionnaire FCCQ Correctness, integrity, transparency, reliability, sustainability and responsibility are the values ​​that inspire Poste Italiane.

Poste Italiane is fully commitment to ensuring that its organizational structures and internal controls are adequate to protect all Group entities from mingling together with or tolerating any form of illegality that could damage its reputation and jeopardize its stability.

Poste Italiane roup grounds its action on the values ​​of correctness, integrity, transparency, reliability, sustainability and responsibility, translating the appreciation of these principles that characterize the company's way of operating into a competitive advantage. The Group has adopted an internal control system aimed at preventing the commission of any illicit conduct by its representatives, employees or top managers, partners and suppliers, and by all those who operate in its interest. The Group is actively committed to preventing and combating corruption, which is prohibited in any form and without any exception. Poste Italiane has also equipped itself with a Fraud Risk Governance structure, which constitutes a specialist unit for the prevention, assessment, management and mitigation of any fraud risk that may be detrimental to any Group companies as well as to customers.

In line with all applicable anti-money laundering regulations, Poste Italiane adopts a harmonised approach to the management of the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing, dedicating clearly identified and adequately specialized resources, procedures and organizational functions and implementing appropriate controls aimed at preventing and combating such phenomena.

With reference to import-export bans, programs and measures against certain subjects or countries affected by sanctions, the Group has also adopted internal rules and procedures aimed at ensuring compliance with the regulations issued by national and international authorities.

In order to respond to the needs of its financial counterparties regarding the measures adopted to mitigate risks, Poste Italiane makes available the Wolfsberg Group Financial Crime Compliance Questionnaire (FCCQ), which offers an overview of the Group's compliance programs according to the shared international standard.