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6 luglio 2022
The Group led by CEO Matteo Del Fante has climbed 51 places in the Brand Finance global 500. Reputation and consumer trust take brand value to $ 7.8 billion.
Poste Italiane is among the top 25 global companies in terms of brand strength according to a ranking by Brand Finance. It achieved a score of 89/100 and a AAA rating, climbing 13 places since 2021. Only 84 global brands are rated AAA. As of 1 January 2022, the company’s brand was worth $ 7.8 billion, an increase of 26% on the previous year.

Leaping up 51 places
The Group led by CEO Matteo Del Fante has leapt 51 places and continues its climb in the Brand Finance Global 500, an international ranking that assesses the ability of brands to generate financial value through the strength of their image and reputation.

Brand Finance Insurance
In the 2022 Brand Finance Insurance 100, Poste Italiane has climbed to 18th place, up from 21st last year, for its ability to generate financial value. The increase in brand value, which is more than double the average of the 100 insurance companies in the rankings, places the company second among Italian insurance companies. Moreover, thanks to an “extremely strong” AAA brand rating, Poste Italiane ranks among the world’s top companies for brand strength in the insurance sector.

The AAA brand rating depends on various indicators: management of the marketing mix, return on image and reputation and the resulting return in terms of business performance. The elite strength of the Poste Italiane brand is marked by the quality of its marketing activity, judged superior to its competitors, and consumer perception rating, with the Poste Italiane viewed as outstanding in terms of value for money, ease of interaction, website and app, familiarity and popularity. Poste Italiane is also considered among the best insurance companies in terms of community focus.
6 luglio 2022
With its entry into the electricity and gas market, Poste is a candidate to be a point of reference to meet all the needs of Italian households, from financial needs to those for the home.
Poste Italiane enters the electricity and gas sector with an plan dedicated to employees that, as announced by CEO Matteo Del Fante during the presentation of the 24SI Plus Business Plan update, represents a first step towards the market debut planned for the autumn. Thus begins the strategy of Poste Italiane, which wants to become a major player in the energy sector with 1.5 million customers by 2025.

By the end of the year
Taking stock of Poste Italiane’s new electricity and gas plan was Marco Siracusano, CEO of PostePay S.p.a., at the microphones of TGPoste. “We started with the intention of dedicating the first part of the launch to employees and pensioners with a promotion to celebrate the company’s 160th anniversary,” he explained. The market launch of the offer is scheduled to happen before the end of the year. “We will bring a unique electricity and gas offer through the network of 12,800 post offices and digital channels with a fixed price for 24 months. In line with Poste Italiane’s values, our solution is predictable and transparent to the extent that you can adhere to the fixed instalment knowing in advance how much you will pay each month. And it is also sustainable, 100% green electricity and 100% carbon offset gas.

Serving citizens
Marco Siracusano pointed out that Poste Italiane’s entry into the energy market is part of a growth strategy that increasingly sees the company as a platform serving citizens and Italy’s economy. “At a post office, all Italians can see their savings, investment and financing needs met, but also all their household needs, from telephony, fixed and mobile, to fibre and in the future also electricity and gas”.
6 luglio 2022
The Co-General Manager of Poste Italiane highlighted the role of the company and its workforce during the Covid-19 emergency.
“We are proud of our colleagues for their efforts during the pandemic, bringing prestige to our company and serving the country.” These were the words of Giuseppe Lasco, Co-General Manager of Poste Italiane, during the event celebrating the 160th anniversary of Poste Italiane, as he addressed employees recognised for their efforts during the pandemic: Tommaso Calabresi, Head of the SDA Operations Centre, Donata Cobianchi, Manager of the Casalpusterlengo post office, Eliana Mismetti, postal delivery worker in Alzano and Nembro, and Francesco Salerno, representing the team that designed and launched the platform for booking and administration of vaccines. “We would like to recognise all of our colleagues across the country,” added Mr Lasco, “who have proudly demonstrated that they are ready to respond to the company’s call, remaining at their posts in all the most critical areas, guaranteeing services on a continuous and permanent basis, and guaranteeing issue of pensions to the elderly through an agreement with the Carabinieri force.”

Historic anniversary
“I give my thanks and best wishes to all of the 121,000 people at Poste Italiane who place their professional expertise and experience at the service of Italians every day, with commitment and a great sense of responsibility” said Giuseppe Lasco. “These women and men are an invaluable source of human kindness and expertise. It is they, strengthened by the legacy of the past, who have enabled the company to play an increasingly strategic role for the country over the years. And this is why we are so proud to celebrate this historic anniversary together with them and across Italy, with the communities and institutions that we work with on a daily basis.”
6 luglio 2022
Poste Italiane is among the 2022 leaders of sustainability in the absolute league table of the 200 “Sole 24 Ore-Statista” pioneers and of the economic sustainability ranking.
Poste Italiane is among the 2022 leaders of sustainability in the absolute league table of the 200 “Sole 24 Ore-Statista” pioneers and is among the leaders of the economic sustainability ranking It is in fact Il Sole 24 Ore that writes this in its “Reports” study underlining that Poste, on the occasion of the celebration of its 160 years in the presence of President Mattarella, “claimed its double success: managing to be an economic protagonist that produces results and at the same time having a social function for the national economic system”.

The integrated report
“The double success, economic-financial and social” the economic-financial daily writes again “emerges from the public reporting of the colossus of logistics, finance, insurance, postal and payment services: not two distinct reports, one statutory and one on sustainability, but a single integrated report, the result of ‘integrated thinking’ that sees the coexistence of financial assessments and sustainability impacts in the corporate decisions’, the company writes”. Il Sole 24 Ore summarises the Group’s sustainability numbers: 2021 ended with revenues up by 6.6% on an annual basis, at € 11.2 billion, with a record net profit up by 31% (to € 1.6 billion) and with a new dividend policy revised upwards (+21% from 2021). But above all a fundamental “contribution to Italian economic growth with a positive cumulative impact on GDP of more than € 49 billion from 2018 to 2021”.

Support for the country
lI Sole 24 Ore notes also that Poste, during the pandemic, “supported the communities through its IT platform for booking vaccines and through their distribution around the country”, reaching “a third of Italians”. “Its leading role for social sustainability was performed therefore at 360 degrees”: it is worth noting “the acceleration on diversity and gender equality policies, the provision of 24 million hours of training to employees since 2017 and of a financial and digital education programme in more than 3000 schools. 15,000 new jobs have also been promised”. As regards environmental sustainability, lI Sole 24 Ore continues “the march is continuing towards the target of becoming a group with zero net emissions by 2030. At the end of 2021 postpersons’ vehicles with low emissions had become 10,000, there were innumerable photovoltaic panels on properties and an ecological innovation has also been launched: Postepay Green a new 100%-biodegradable prepaid card”. And the challenge continues with increasingly ambitious objectives, the daily notes, “starting from the Polis project for € 1.12 billion of which € 800 million financed with NRRP funds to bring digital services” to small villages.
6 luglio 2022
Also in an uncertain context such as the current one, Poste has shown resilience and prospects thanks to the strategies outlined in the “24SI Plus” Business Plan.
Poste Italiane’s solid performance in the first quarter acquires even more value because it occurred in a year that began in a general economic scenario strongly conditioned by a number of factors, which are affecting the future growth prospects and consequently the sentiments of the markets. As the Company analyses in a note, geopolitical tensions due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, inflation, interest rate hikes and the latest lockdowns imposed by the Chinese government due to the upsurge in Covid-19 infections pose the main challenges to general economic growth, which are leading the main banks and international institutions to revise the growth estimates for the current year downwards and which heighten the general context of volatility and turbulence on the markets.

The scenario
Future forecasts are therefore closely linked to changes in the reference scenario and in particular to the duration and extent of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and its repercussions on the prices of commodities, the limited availability of production factors and energy flows. The Italian government – Poste continues – took action to mitigate the effects of the increases in the price of commodities by introducing specific obligations on procurement procedures subject to the Public Procurement Code, namely by acting directly on the components of energy and gas prices.

The “safe haven” of Italians
Historically, the Poste Italiane Group has shown resilience in times of financial turbulence, confirming itself to be a “safe haven” for savers thanks to a portfolio of financial products characterised by limited volatility that will continue to keep Postal Savings at the heart of the development strategy, even in the future. The Group’s cost structure, in addition, includes limited exposure to sectors with high pressure on prices. The Group procures supplies and competes mainly in the domestic market, does not have production units in the countries affected by the conflict or bordering countries, and has limited commercial relationships with the countries affected by the conflict. Therefore, it does not have direct repercussions that could significantly affect the various businesses or lead to significant repercussions on its profitability. The Group also benefits from actions implemented in favourable market times, intended to mitigate the fluctuations in the prices of production factors, such as hedging against the risk of fuel price fluctuations or signing supply contracts with “locked” prices for the entire current year and part of 2023.

The future strategy
As confirmation of this, the results achieved in the first quarter are solid, with higher revenue than in 2021 and operating income that benefits from the continuous focus by management on cost control and optimisation. In line with the strategy set out in the “24SI Plus” Business Plan, which envisages the differentiation of the offer into market segments with high growth prospects, in May the Group concluded the acquisition of Plurima, a leading company in healthcare logistics. The acquisition of the company LIS will also accelerate the implementation of the Group’s omni-channel strategy, facilitating the transition to digital payments and strengthening the growth of proximity payment in the business. The development of the insurance savings and Postal Savings segments will remain strategic; in these segments the commitment to the digitisation of the offer and of customers will continue, in addition to the development of initiatives aimed at improving customer experience on the physical channel. Investments are planned in support of the growth of parcels, digital payments and protection, with offers aimed at reducing underinsurance in Italy.

Carbon neutrality and energy
During the transition towards carbon neutrality by 2030, investments and strategic initiatives will continue, such as the renewal of the delivery fleet with low emission vehicles, the installation of photovoltaic panels for energy supply and efficiency measures for properties. Finally, entry into the energy sector was confirmed during the year, with a 100% green offer based exclusively on renewable sources.