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The site is the information portal for Poste Italiane edited by the editorial staff of “Postenews”,
In addition to providing information on life and operations in the Company and on areas that are important to the postal industry, from logistics to savings, the site has several sections of focus and in-depth analysis on issues related to economy, culture and current affairs and hosts interviews with experts and qualified opinion leaders.
TG Poste is broadcast at noon Monday to Friday and is also available in a dedicated section on demand.

TG Poste News

Poste Italiane è Top Employer per il quarto anno consecutivo

Poste: half-year growth, +16% profit to 1.1 billion, Del Fante: “A brilliant future for the company”

Poste Italiane's half-year results, CEO Del Fante: “Growing numbers thanks to diversified business”

Sustainability: Poste confirms its position of global leadership

Poste Italiane confirms its sustainable growth path for the benefit of all stakeholders: here are the main awards and results for the second quarter

Correspondence, Parcels and Distribution the operating result is positive

In the second quarter, the Correspondence, Parcels and Distribution segment recorded revenue growth of 10.9%

Financial services revenues grow in the second quarter

Financial Services segment revenues increased 4.8% in the second quarter of 2023 to €1.3 billion

TInsurance services: net flows are positive

The results of the second quarter for the insurance services of the Poste Italiane Group: here are the numbers

Payments and Mobile growth across all business lines

The revenue of the Payments and Mobile segment grew in the second quarter, year on year, at a solid 49.4% and amounted to €374 million

Poste Italiane confirmed as the top Blue Chip in the MIB® ESG sustainability index

The Group, led by CEO Matteo Del Fante, achieved the highest social and governance score in the sustainability ranking compiled by Euronext and Borsa Italiana

Poste’s sprint on the Stock Exchange, the markets promote Del Fante’s strategy

The stock at Piazza Affari is supported by the words of CEO Matteo Del Fante, according to whom there is room to improve the dividend policy

Sostenibilita: Bluerating riconosce l’impegno green di Poste Italiane

Poste Italiane: Polis Project speeds along in the 7,000 post offices in small towns

INPS and administrative justice services are already active in 260 post offices. The number will rise to 7,000 by July