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Outlook The Poste Italiane Group will continue to engage in implementing the objectives outlined in the five-year Deliver 2022 Plan, approved by the Board of Directors on 26 February 2018.

The strategic choices implemented as part of the Deliver 2022 Strategic Plan have enabled the Group to adapt rapidly to new emerging trends such as the development of e-commerce and digital payments. The reconfiguration of its operating and business processes, supported by the new working models, and the development of multi-channel access and use of the services offered, together with effective cost management, have enabled the Group to achieve positive financial results in 2020, exceptional in certain segments (postal savings, parcels, electronic money), and to maintain a high level of financial solidity.

On 19 March 2021, the Group presented its new ‘2024 Sustain & Innovate’ Strategic Plan, which aims to confirm the company's role as a "strategic pillar" for the country, with a renewed focus on effective cost management and the increasing integration of sustainability issues into corporate strategies.

The vision for the future is clear: to maximise the value of Italy's leading omni-channel distribution network, leveraging on the enhanced reputation and confirmed trust of customers as key resources for the sustainable development of Poste Italiane's business.

The Group's activities aim to create a positive impact for customers, communities and all stakeholders by promoting integrity, transparency and ethical and responsible management. The company invests in its people to build an inclusive work environment that ensures equal opportunities.


Mission Mail & Parcel

servizi finanziari Financial Services settore assicurativo Insurance Services pagamenti mobile Payments and Mobile

Fully-fledged logistics player for a sustainable business, accelerating shift towards growing parcel market

Italy’s most trusted financial institution, leveraging on an omnichannel approach Fully-fledged insurance company  Digital disruption – combining payments, telco and energy
  • Logistics network evolution
  • Leverage on B2C market leadership
  • Growth in C2X and B2B markets
  • Promote a diversified asset allocation
  • Enhance an omnichannel customers approach
  • Integration of protection and wealth management
  • Life business at the core of group wealth management
  • Profitable growth in P&C
  • Lead the way in ESG and reducing underinsurance in Italy
  • Strengthen leadership in digital payments 
  • New telco offers, both in mobile and fixed lines
  • Energy services from 2022, leveraging on market liberalisation and customers’ trust
  2019 2020 2021 2022 2024 CAGR 19-24




11.2 11.6




1.8 1.5
















c. 0,55



* 1.2 excl. SIA revaluation

The implementation of the strategy within the “2024 Sustain & Innovate” plan is spread across the Group’s 4 Strategic Business Units and includes:

Mail, Parcels and Distribution Strategic Business Unit:

  • The evolution of the logistics network with reference to the entire value chain in order to seize the full potential of the growing parcel market, which is expected to generate more than 50% of the SBU’s total revenues over the plan’s time horizon, thanks to the consolidation of B2C leadership and growth in the B2B area​​
  • Completion of the new service model in the C2X segment; entry into new market segments (pharma and food), which are currently only partially covered; development of operations outside Italy, taking advantage of the acquisition of the Chinese operator Sengi Express
  • Increasing productivity through the strengthening and integration of its distribution networks to support the offer
  • The modernisation and automation of logistics processes by leveraging the strategic partnerships made during 2020 with specialised and innovative players in the logistics value chain (sennder, MLK Deliveries)
  • Integration with the Nexive Group, with the exploitation of synergies, guaranteeing the safeguarding of the sustainability of the mail market and service levels for customers.

Financial Services Strategic Business Unit:

  • Increasing the attractiveness of savings and promoting a diversified asset allocation that is consistent with customer needs, leveraging the omni-channel platform, developing the number and professionalism of consultants and increasing attention to customer segmentation
  • ​Integration of insurance coverage in the offer of investment products, meeting at the same time the savings and protection needs of customers
  • The completion of the digitisation of the product offering portfolio
  • ​The extension and customisation of the product offering also through the use of new partnerships and the development of existing ones.

Insurance Services Strategic Business Unit:

  • Consolidation of leadership in Life business through a gradual rebalancing of inflows towards products that, while respecting the needs and characteristics of customers, are also capital light. These products (Multi-class) are characterised by a moderate risk profile, with potentially more attractive returns on investments
  • Commitment and contribution to reducing “under-insurance” in Italy, through the continuation, in the P&C sector, of a profitable and sustainable growth path with the development of a modular and integrable offer of the various covers that make up the different lines of protection, customised to the needs of each customer
  • The progressive penetration of the car liability market and the development of Welfare.

Payments and Mobile Strategic Business Unit:

  • Continuous evolution of the business model by combining offerings in payments, telecommunications and - in the near future - energy
  • The consolidation of leadership in digital payments, through the introduction of value-added services to act as a market facilitator, connecting customers, SMEs and Public Administrations 
  • the offer of integrated, innovative and flexible payment solutions on online channels and the spread of the “Postepay Code” as a fast and Covid-free payment method 
  • The launch of a new Postepay debit card, totally biodegradable, which will offer the same functions as the prepaid card, improving the customer experience 
  • The enrichment of the telephony offer, both fixed and mobile, increasing the penetration of the online channel. In particular, it is expected to enter the ultra-broadband fiber market, thanks to agreements with TIM and Open Fiber signed in 2020.

The new “2024 Sustain & Innovate” plan sets out a path of innovation and consolidation that the Group is ready to undertake on the strength of its omni-channel approach, customer relations and awareness of its systemic role for the country. The commitment that will be made to this ‘sustainable’ growth takes into account a progressive improvement of the emergency situation during 2021 in which Poste Italiane will continue to face the crisis on the strength of the economic and financial resilience demonstrated in 2020.