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Model 231 The principles that guide our organisation in the management of the company activities​.

Regulatory framework

Legislative Decree no. 231 of 8 June 2001 introduced into Italian law a system in which organisations – including corporations – have administrative liability for certain unlawful acts committed by directors, managers or employees in the interest or to the benefit of the organisation.

Adoption of the Organisational Model

Poste Italiane has adopted its own Organisational Model with the aim of establishing a comprehensive system of guiding principles, operating procedures and other specific supervisory measures based on criteria of good management practice. The Organisational Model is also intended to specifically prevent the perpetration of the unlawful acts set out in the Legislative Decree. The adoption of similar Models is encouraged throughout the Group.

The Supervisory Body

The Supervisory Body of Poste Italiane is composed of two external members- Carlo Longari, with the role of Chairman, Massimo Lauro, member - and an internal member, Paolo Casati, Director of Internal Auditing. The Supervisory Body is responsible for overseeing compliance with the provisions of the Organizational Model, verifying their effectiveness and evaluating the need to update them. The term of office of the Supervisory Body is three years, until July 2022.