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Whether you are taking your first steps into the world of work or already have solid professional experience, our selection processes are designed to offer you the best possible experience and to ensure that you gain useful information for your career path through discussions with recruiters and managers.

Our corporate culture is based on team spirit, the exchange of ideas and continuous learning, and it is precisely on these values that we have built our selection processes, innovative and digital paths differentiated according to the seniority of the profiles sought, through which candidates can field their skills and talents through dynamic and engaging tests such as business games and tech talks. 
Different recruiting channels are used to identify the best candidates, depending on the type of profile sought. The most important is the Poste Italiane database, which everyone can access to enter their CV.

The Company, on the basis of its unquestionable assessment, may contact only those candidates it deems to possess the requisites (e.g. qualification, professional experience, specialisations, etc.), sought from time to time on the basis of specific company requirements.
An initial telephone contact is planned to sound out the candidates' availability and interest in our professional opportunities which, in the event of a positive outcome, may include the start of the selection process. 
The selection process involves different stages, tools and methodologies according to the profiles sought.

For candidates who do not have significant professional experience, a set of aptitude and English language tests, group tests and individual interviews, or practical tests of suitability for the job to be performed (such as, for example, the motor vehicle test for postmen and women) are administered.

For candidates with a solid professional background, on the other hand, a structured interview with the Human Resources department is set up, followed by technical interviews with representatives of the relevant company department for those assessed positively.

Each instrument aims at assessing the characteristics and motivation of the person in relation to the profile sought, as well as the degree of knowledge and technical-specialist skills possessed.
The selection process ends with the identification of suitable candidates with a view to their induction into the company.