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To be competitive Poste Italiane has to be dynamic and ready to face the continuous market challenges. No matter if finance and insurance, logistic, telecommunications, certification and digital communication services, payment and e-commerce, document management, e-Government, e-procurement, information security, outsourcing of document processes etc., few other companies in Italy offer the opportunity to meet with such a wide range of products and services.

Poste Italiane Group takes care of its people (by evaluating them periodically). But also seeks equally professionals with solid experience and young bright graduates (mainly with degrees in either engineering or economics) by offering initially internships with the perspective to hiring.
Depending on the profile requested, various channels can be used for recruiting. One of the most important ones is Poste Italiane’s database, accessible to anyone for registration and submission of CV's.

The Company will only contact those candidates in possession of the requested requirements (e.g. high-school diploma and/or university degree, professional experience, skills, etc.).
Candidates will be contacted by phone to check their effective availability and interest in the offer and only then invited to participate in the selection process.
There are different methods of selection which depend on the kind of profile that is requested. In general, candidates who have not yet gained significant professional experience, will take ability, group and language (English) tests and individual interviews.

Applicants with a consolidated professional background will undertake structured interviews.
Each tool is oriented to measure the characteristics of the person, grade of technical expertise, skills and motivation.
The final selection phase consists of a technical interview undertaken by the head of the relevant business function, and is aimed at evaluating the level of knowledge/skills and - for recent graduates - the consistency of studies carried and in line with the profile that is being looked for. Only those candidates who have passed the first selection, undertaken by Human Resources, will be able to partecipate in the technical interview.
At the end of the process the candidate who meets the requirements will be contacted in order to define the terms of a possible employment.