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Corporate University Poste Italiane’s Corporate University,

Created in early 2015 within the Human Resources and Organisation Function, this structure is aimed at assuring governance at Group level of all the processes and services for education, in order to guarantee a constant, adaptation, consolidation and development of professional and managerial skills. The structure also ensures a relationship with the academic world and research entities, as well as within the Company with “content expers” present in the various lines of business.

Consistently with the corporate organisational structure, the internal organisation with which the Corporate University is equipped defines, alongside business lines, a specific management supervision focussed on the training requirements of resources operating in the various functions, availing, in addition, of training contact persons from business functions who operate throughout the national territory.

The organisation of the Corporate University

In its capacity as an enabling factor for the developing the skills of its resources, the reference target consists in the entire corporate population, distributed throughout the national territory with professional profiles of various types, in particular financial/insurance front-end and mail delivery. Furthermore, the technological infrastructure supporting the Group’s business requires constant alignment of skills to its continuous evolutions. Specific training initiatives are designated according to the various professional profiles present in the Company: by way of example, Post Office directors, counter assistants, specialist financial advisors, postmen/women, transport and logistics operators, staff area specialists and marketing specialists. An online survey that involves all the corporate functions on an annual basis identifies the training requirements which constitute the annual Training Plan, this is structured over three backbones: management training, technical-specialist training, mandatory training and compliance.

Management training has, among its objectives: investing in the development of leadership; promoting the construction of a management culture adapted to the value of Customer centrality, professional excellence and the development of resources; sustaining the efficacy of people overseeing key business processes for the Company; consolidating management skills highlighted by the Leadership Assessment, Managerial Lab and Management Review processes and bridging and emerging gaps.

Technical-specialist training, aimed at developing and retaining the most strategic skills for the business, pays particular attention to: the front-end world, in the logic of transforming the sales network in respect to Customer relations management; the world of logistics, accompanying a considerable reconfiguration of industrial processes.

Mandatory and compliance training, focussed on normative topic transversally involving the corporate population (e.g. safety at the workplace, normative compliance, organisational model 231/01, IT security, privacy and safe transport).

Multifaceted learning

Aware of the importance of training and information aspects to the company, Poste Italiane pays increasing attention to providing its employees with instruments to valorise their specific skills. In 2017 the number of provided training hours totalled about 3.8 million, with courses held in classrooms and via e-learning.

With a view to continuing more significant initiatives launched in 2016, Poste Italiane S.p.A. focussed management training on research and experimentation activities regarding new formats and topics, also opening itself - in respect of age management - to a European comparison with other postal operators. Discussed in particular were marketing topics, performance assessment, digitalisation and innovation. Whereas with regard to technical-specialist training, activities was envisaged to support specific figures of strategic relevance to the Group such as initiatives dedicated to the world of specialists in the financial and insurance field and for postmen/women, the role of whom, given their proximity to citizens, is vested with great social responsibility.

Poste Vita’s training activity for 2017 concerned sectorial issues, from anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism to the circulation of corporate culture regarding insurance, to international accounting standards and IT security.

In SDA Express Courier S.p.A. training activities were comprehensives transversal to professional families and differentiated from the viewpoint of content, and also aimed at both behavioural skills and enhancing technical knowhow.

Training in Postel S.p.A. not only concerned topics of a technical nature, aimed at all personnel in the facilities but also linked to aspects of IT and management and digital skills.

The training interventions of Europa Gestioni Immobiliari S.p.A., lastly, were addressed to developing skills in the Real Estate sector, both from the management viewpoint and real estate valorisation and from the viewpoint of taxation in asset management.

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