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The Corporate University numbers

+ 5 million


19 thousand


+ 45 hours

of training per employee in 2020 at Group level

Knowledge is essential to the business of Gruppo Poste Italiane
The continuous renewal of knowledge governance strategies and actions, differentiated by objectives and time horizons, ensures the reinforcement and development of the professional and managerial skills in the different business lines.
The Corporate University provides the most effective training experiences for all Group personnel.

Design training experiences of value for all the personnel of Gruppo Poste Italiane
The daily challenge is to manage the complexity stemming from:
  • the demand for the updating of managerial, technical – specialist, operational and compliance skills
  • the development of roles and profiles (managers, specialists, operatives, high potential) from the governance of diverse and distinctive business contexts (retail and business sale networks, logistics, payment systems, specialist corporate areas)
  • the commitment to design formats/channels (classroom, on-line, operating) suited to the different business and personal needs.

Personalised training solutions and in line with the skills, role and individual learning needs
The training offer is targeted at about 130,000 people that work for the company and that perform 170 different jobs with the relevant skills. 
For each professional role, the training initiatives are “personalised”:
  • from the hiring, with induction programmes
  • during all phases of professional growth
  • for the front-end financial and insurance and postal delivery jobs; for specialists in the staff and marketing areas, for ICT staff, managers and coordinators.

Our financial and insurance advisors, as set forth in the legislation in force, take a course for the certification and subsequent maintenance of the role, with the strengthening of financial, regulatory and relational knowledge, targeted at managing the sale process starting from the customer’s needs.

In the logistics-postal domain, training projects are mainly targeted at developing a new culture geared towards the optimisation of processes and the constant improvement at all levels, from postmen to managerial staff.

Innovative educational solutions and new learning environments
We embrace the opportunities offered by digital and technological evolution: open learning, adaptive learning, distance learning and the on-demand use of training content, in order to traverse the new frontiers of training innovation.
Managerial training supports managers with tackling the challenge of evolving their mindset, reinforcing their leadership skills and the ability to direct and lead.
Training quality is guaranteed by training professionals, tutors and colleagues who, in signing up to the Faculty project, offer their know-how and their expertise, dedicating themselves with passion to the development of knowledge. Training incorporates constant courses which continue over time, which recognise the characteristics and needs of the jobs and of people and are geared towards responsibility and individual motivation to enrich and share your know-how.

Focus area

Financial training

Lean Culture


Customer Centricity