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Scouting and DealFlow Startup and innovation solution scuoting

Scouting DealFlow We have a rigorous process of startup selection and qualification with a scouting that takes place both in push mode (i.e.Venture Capital / Investments Banking portfolio reviews) and pull mode (i.e.Networking with Accelerators, Research Centers and Universities). The aim is providing to our colleagues the solutions coherently with shared business needs.

The Dealflow is structured as follows:
  • Startup scouting from Open Innovation Programs and from VC Funds/Investors portfolio
  • Identification of startups with potential interest
  • In-depth exploration with desk analysis as well as one to one meetings
  • Proposal of the startups to the Business Units / Group Companies
  • In case of a positive outcome (GO), proceede with different collaborative scenarios such as a Proof of Concept (PoC),  Partnership or an M&A operation
Furthermore, on a bimonthly basis, we interview the Business Units / Group Companies to collect and update their needs in terms of Innovation and follow-up with startup scouting on innovative solutions at national and international level.

Current main interesting topics are following:
  • Financial Services (Digital Wealth Management, RegTech – KYC & AML solutions, SME Lending and Buy Now Pay Later solutions)
  • Payments (Open Banking value added services, new use cases enabling Everyday App experience)
  • Insurance (e-Health, SME Digital Insurance, Parametric Insurance, Customer Recognition, Aging Caring solutions, Customer Engagement & Prevention, Home Automation, Car Telematics)
  • Mail and Parcel (Autonomobility and Unmanned Mobility, Blockchain applied to logistic, Green and sustainability, Delivery on Demand, IOT and track and trace)
  • Sales (authentication, selling and marketing digital tools, business and customer analytics, customer engagement, Retailing & in store communication)
  • Human Resources (employee journey and experience, innovative training, data driven analytics)
  • After sales (conversational and visual AI, CX analytics, customer sentiment analysis)
  • IT security (cryptography, cloud storage safety, cyber insurance)
We constantly monitor the most innovative trends both in terms of business and technology in order to carry out benchmarks and analyze competitors, in partnership with the innovation ecosystem. We also monitor the Idea generation and incubation, the scouting funnel and the development of Poste Italiane startup dealflow.