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Corporate Volunteering

The Coronavirus emergency has had detrimental consequences on people's psychological well-being, causing states of malaise exacerbated by the context of isolation caused by the lockdown. Pathologies such as anxiety and depression have been even more amplified in those who have experienced extreme hardship, as in the case of those affected by the violent earthquake in central Italy in 2016. Poste Italiane and the Italian Red Cross, as part of the "Sentieri di Prossimità" (Paths of Proximity) project, have made teams of psychologists and social workers available to the populations of the four regions hit by the earthquake. 

Despite the great difficulties that have characterised the work of all economic operators due to the Covid-19 emergency, Poste Italiane has been able to provide an important response to the territory. Here below are three projects:
  • In December 2020, Poste Italiane joined the project "Riscriviamo il futuro" (Let's rewrite the future), the campaign created by Save the Children to offer education, opportunities and hope to children and adolescents during the health emergency. Through an ambitious programme across the country, the Group and Save the Children have undertaken to support around 100,000 children and adolescents up to 17 years of age who live in deprived neighbourhoods or come from the areas most affected by the pandemic, offering them opportunities for learning and socialising. At the same time, parenting courses have been set up for families that have suffered most from the effects of the crisis, with the aim of improving the well-being and living environment of the youngest children.
  • The P.A.I.N.T. project: Consistent with the initiatives to support Small Municipalities, in November 2020 the project P.A.I.N.T. (Poste e Artisti Insieme Nel Territorio), started over after a period of interruption due to the health emergency. The project, launched in 2018, involves the redevelopment and decoration of the external walls of post offices by street artists from all over Italy. The aim of the initiative is to promote the creativity of artists, to educate people about beauty and, at the same time, to make Post Offices more welcoming and closer to the areas that host them. Moreover, through P.A.I.N.T. the Group confirms its sensitivity towards environmental protection by adopting, for the realisation of the murals, technologies based on natural materials that help to reduce polluting emissions. From the project, 8 docufilms have been made, broadcast on Sky Arte, which tell the story of the creation of the various works.
  • Close to young people: The partnership agreement between Poste Italiane and Fondazione Politecnico di Milano aims to bring the academic world closer to a major Italian company. The two players created a challenge that featured students. Specifically, the challenge involved 150 students, 9 Poste Italiane tutors and 6 university tutors in the search for innovative ideas on the themes of Green & Sustainability, New Urban Logistic Model and Smart City. The mentoring activity decreed the project "Yellow Footprint" winner of the challenge, an idea that outlines the Smart Office of the future, focusing on the transformation of Poste Italiane in a digital company. Growing digital autonomy of customers, the definition of partnerships with companies promoting environmental and social sustainability and the reinterpretation of some of the Company's spaces in a green context are the guidelines provided by the young winning students.