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Mail Parcels & Distribution
Unrivalled physical distribution network
100% Italian coverage
Record of 210 million Parcels per year 
37% B2C Market Share 
7,000 Postal offices open during the lockdown 

Payments, Mobile and Digital
Italian payments champion
Advanced customer data capabilities
Leading financial web and app platforms
297 million E-commerce transactions
22,2 million euro Transactions on digital channels
28,9 million Cards issued 
48 million App downloaded 

Financial Services
Market leading product distribution network
35 million Customers
12,765 Post Offices
3 million Daily visits
90.3 million  Transactions on digital channels

Insurance Services
An insurance operator capable of serving all customers’ investment and protection needs 
€ 16.8 billion Total gross permiums
€ 16.6 billion Total gross premiums Life branch ramo vita
€ 237 billion Total gross premiums P&C branch
8,000 Posta offices authorised to sell car insurance policies by 2024