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One year after the first edition, we present with great satisfaction the second Integrated Report of the Poste Italiane Group. Over the years, Poste Italiane has shown its ability to transform its operational structures and services by adapting to market needs, and in some cases anticipating them, through continuous investment in technology and know-how.

This Report is a concrete representation of how the Group, through its business model and strategy, has been able to manage risks and, above all, to seize the opportunities offered by the context, achieving important results for the Company and stakeholders.
Poste Italiane is now the largest logistics operator in Italy, and is a leading player in the financial, insurance and payment services sector.

The Company plays an important role in the country, making a strong contribution to the production chain and the national economy: by investing and operating together with other operators in its value chain, it generates positive results not only through its own business, but also by generating externalities through the activation of a local supply chain. 

Our second Integrated Report is an opportunity to tell, through concrete data, our economic and financial results together with our sustainable path. Poste Italiane’s second Integrated Report provides a clear representation of the sustainability path undertaken by the Group with the aim of sharing with its stakeholders the evolution of the activities undertaken in support of value creation.

The Company is aware of its role of responsibility in supporting the country’s development and for this reason, it is committed to taking actions increasingly oriented to promote shared value in the short, medium and long term. 

This commitment has resulted in the implementation of strategic choices in the interest of the Company and all its stakeholders by continuing to invest in the main forms of capital: financial, human, physical-structural, intellectual, social and natural. In this regard, the document provides a clear correlation between the governance system, the business model, the risk management system and the strategic objectives and the development of the main forms of “capital” with the aim of illustrating how, through the implementation of specific initiatives to support them, the Company contributes to the development of shared value over time.

The effort that Poste Italiane has made to achieve a structured sustainability path that is fully consistent with its business objectives has led the Group to achieve major awards during the year. First in order of time, was the entry in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, the most prestigious sustainability index that includes only the companies considered the best in the world in the sustainable management of their business. Being admitted both in the “World” segment and in the more restrictive “Europe” segment is an additional reason of pride for the Group

This was followed by other entries in equally important indexes: Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI), Euronext Vigeo-Eiris World 120, FTSE4GOOD and the RobecoSAM Sustainability Yearbook 2020 as “Industry Mover”.

In light of the achievements, which give a measure of the reputation that Poste Italiane has today and its importance as a competitive lever to face and win the challenges of an increasingly evolved market, we look with satisfaction at the path we have taken so far and with confidence at the one still ahead of us, aware that only through a constant and concrete commitment to achieving common goals and shared values with our stakeholders can we grow together and face new challenges of sustainable development.