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2024 Sustain & Innovate To be sustainable for Poste Italiane means defining a clear strategy on ESG issues .

Key logistics player for a sustainable business, accelerating the transition to the growing parcel market. • Evolution of the logistics network.
• B2C market leadership.
• Growth in C2X and B2B markets.
The strategic objective of the Mail, Parcels and Distribution segment is to accelerate its transformation from a pure mail operator to a full logistics operator, ensuring the economic and environmental sustainability of its operations. Implementation of the strategy is based on streamlining of the distribution networks, including the integration of Nexive, acquired at the end of 2020, consolidation of leadership in the B2C market and growth in the C2X and B2B segments through the introduction of specific offers and initiatives aimed at improving the customer experience. Through the implementation of these strategic directions, the segment aims to achieve operational break-even by 2024 and an operating profit in 2025.

Innovative digital platform for an integrated payment, telephony and energy offering. • Strengthening leadership in digital payments.
• New TLC offer, for both mobile and fixed lines.
• Energy services from 2022, leveraging market liberalisation and customer confidence.
The Payments and Mobile area aims to establish itself as a complete and omni-channel platform for its customers, flanking the traditional business lines of payments and telecommunications with an offer dedicated to Energy from 2022, a market which the company will enter by taking advantage of its liberalisation. The expansion of products, together with the ability to exploit physical and digital channels and third-party networks, will make it possible to fully exploit cross-selling opportunities for customers, thereby increasing value for Poste Italiane as a whole.

Most trusted financial institution in Italy, benefiting from an omni-channel approach. • Promoting diversification in asset allocation.
• Expansion of omni-channel for the Customer.
• Integration of non-life coverage into the investment offering.
Financial Services aims to further evolve its service model by combining the traditional physical model with the opportunities provided by technological innovation. The priorities of the Strategic Plan include growth in wealth management, thanks to the diversification of customer portfolios to optimise their risk-return profile, the integration of non-life policies within the advisory model and a renewed focus on loans, with particular emphasis on the CQS segment, also thanks to partnerships signed with leading operators in the sector.

Market-leading insurance company with comprehensive and sustainable product portfolio • Life products at the heart of the group’s investment offering.
• Profitable growth in the non-life market.
• Full integration of ESG principles and reduction of underinsurance in Italy.
In Insurance Services, Poste Italiane aims to establish itself as an insurance operator capable of serving all customers' investment and protection needs. Poste Vita aims to confirm its position as leader in the life insurance sector, continuing to offer customers safe products that are both more profitable and more capital efficient. Lastly, the non-life insurance strategy envisages an increase in profitability thanks to the modular offer, supplemented by car insurance, provided to customers without assuming risk thanks to distribution agreements signed with leading Italian insurance companies.