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Cyber Security Poste Italiane's commitment for guaranteeing maximum security of digital communications.

Poste Italiane’s Cyber Security programmes are designed to protect customers and citizens.
Poste Italiane has adopted advanced Cyber Security systems and technologies as part of its constant commitment to digital communications security and fight against computer crime.

Poste Italiane has entrusted the cyber security activities to a single company structure already appointed to ensure the supervision of all security activities, in order to guarantee a single control point for all the Group. In this context, is established the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), a team of security experts dedicated to prevent and contrast cyber attacks that malicious users could conduct against Poste Italiane.

Tactical and operational activities of CERT are carried out at the Cyber Security District in Cosenza, created in 2013 thanks to PON funds "Research and Competitiveness 2007-2013”. The Cyber Security District has become the Poste Italiane Technocity dedicated to cyber security and data protection.

Poste Italiane’s commitment to Cyber Security is also demonstrated by its participation in international sector organisations, including:

European Electronic Crime Task Force (EECTF)
founded in 2009 by Poste Italiane in agreement with Italy’s Postal and Communications Police, the Public Security Department of Italian Ministry of Interior and the United States Secret Service (an American government agency set up to prevent and combat financial fraud). The EECTF’s mission is to build a Europe-wide strategic alliance to fight and prosecute computer crime;

Global Cyber Security Center (GCSEC)
an international non-profit foundation for studying, researching and disseminating of new techniques in IT  security domain.