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Poste Innovation Storm events are hackathons dedicated to Poste’s employees.
Their goal is to trigger a virtuous process of involvement in and contribution to the issues of crucial importance to the company.

Poste Innovation Storm events facilitate co-creation in order to identify new business solutions suitable for Poste’s world.

This programme is expected to enable Poste’s employees to experiment with the methodologies adopted by start-ups.

Participating in an Innovation Storm event means being ready to make a difference, being able to give oneself a challenge, and being willing to change.

Other Open Innovation Initiatives

Open Innovation
The approach taken by Poste to be competitive in the digital world, to grow and to achieve the highest performance by responding to market evolution.
Poste Hack
Three-day innovation marathon, during which young start-uppers develop functioning prototypes to innovate the use of the financial services offered by Poste.
Poste Coding Generation
Educational programme for families: enabling children to familiarise with coding techniques, and sharing some good practices with parents, in order to help them support their children in properly using new technologies.
Other Innovative Education and Training Programmes
Other innovative education and training programmes for Poste’s employees, allowing them to acquire new skills in line with market trends.

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