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Poste Italiane: Poste Vita subsidiary acquires SDS Significant step towards growing presence in health insurance sector

Rome, 6 Nov 2015 10:13

Poste Italiane, through its subsidiary Poste Vita, has completed the acquisition of S.D.S. System Data Software S.r.l. (“SDS”), a company operating in the health insurance sector and present in the Italian market since 1988. Poste Vita has acquired a 100% interest in the company for a price of €20 million, to be paid in tranches. Payment of a number of the tranches is subject to fulfillment of certain conditions connected with the medium-term performance of SDS’s business.

SDS provides services and manages claims in the health insurance sector and is active in the creation, development and management of business software solutions and professional insurance IT services.

The acquisition of SDS represents a key step in implementing the Poste Italiane Group’s plan to expand its presence in the health insurance sector, particularly with regard to care provision, taking advantage of opportunities in the insurance market in order to better serve the needs of Italian families, by offering them support in managing their healthcare needs.

Through the acquisition of SDS, Poste Vita will take advantage of an important network of professionals and healthcare facilities in Italy and will be able to offer a complete range of innovative services that meets the healthcare needs of its customers at a fair price, with the aim of playing a major role in both the retail and corporate health insurance market.

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