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Poste Italiane: arrives in Monghidoro "Punto Poste Da Te", the post office at your fingertipsThe initiative is part of the INDIMO European project, of which Poste Italiane is partner as well as developer of the pilot project involving the metropolitan area of ​​Bologna.

Bologna, 24 Sep 2021 09:01

It was installed in the Monghidoro town hall, on the Bolognese Apennines, "Punto Poste Da Te", the innovative digital locker of Poste Italiane allowing shipments and payments management at a single point, optimizing travel times for operations execution. It is in fact a small post office at your fingertips that can be installed, on request, inside closed and covered spaces in residential buildings or public and private locations, allowing parcels collection and shipment, signed correspondence collection (for example registered mail), postal bills payments, prepaid Postepay and telephone cards rechargment, as well as personal items management.

The initiative is part of the INDIMO (Inclusive Digital Mobility Solutions) European project that proposes users innovative and inclusive solutions, including a technological response to meet the key logistics challenges in environmental, organizational and social cohesive terms.
Punto Poste Da Te, in line with the INDIMO aims, is mainly offered to subject to social exclusion citizens, such as the elderly, foreigners and people with few digital skills.

Satisfaction was expressed by the mayor Barbara Panzacchi: "I really thank Poste Italiane in the person of Dr. Lasco as well as the Fondazione Istituto Trasporti e Logistica, and in particular Eleonora Tu, for this important service of great utility in favor of the territory and citizenship which will especially support the most fragile sections of the population; the Municipality of Monghidoro, precisely for these reasons, has joined with pleasure in this experimental project that goes in the direction of expanding more and more proximity and digitization services in mountain areas of the metropolitan area ".

In this first phase of experimentation, over 30 "Punto Poste Da Te" lockers have already been installed on the national territory, allowing operations to be carried out in total autonomy and speed, also facilitating compliance with the interpersonal distancing rules in force during the period of sanitary emergency.

The new locker, simple and secure, won the innovation award "Elected product of the year 2020" based exclusively on the consumers vote and represents a further step forward in the digitization process since it can be managed completely through the Ufficio Postale APP.
In fact, once received the notification that warns of the shipment arrival, just go to the “Punto Poste Da Te” and bring the QR Code close to the locker optical reader. The cell assigned to the shipment will open automatically.

With the new "Punto Poste Da Te" Poste Italiane once again confirms its presence in the territory at the citizens service, strengthening the "Punto Poste" network, equipped with about 350 Lockers and 12,000 "Collect Points" (tobacconists, bars, stationers, newsagents, KiPoint shops and Carrefour supermarkets) that joins the more than 12,500 post offices throughout Italy.
Numbers that make it possible to meet the Italians new needs and the increase in deliveries requests deriving above all from the thrust of e-commerce purchases.

“Punto Poste Da Te” is also consistent with the ESG principles on the environment, social and corporate governance, respected by socially responsible companies, which contribute to the sustainable development of the country.

Installing Punto Poste Da Te improves environmental sustainability with the shipments concentration in a single point, reduces CO2 emissions and favors the packaging separate collection.
Further information on the new Punto Poste Da Te is available on the website