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Poste Italiane: Board of Directors resolves on the merger by incorporation of Poste Tutela S.p.A. within Poste Italiane S.p.A.

Roma, 9 Nov 2017 14:12

The resolution was taken by the Board of Directors and not the Shareholders' Meeting – under the terms of article 20.2 of the Company By-laws and article 2505, paragraph 2, of the Civil Code – this being a simplified merger involving a fully owned subsidiary.
The merger was also approved today by the Board of Directors of Poste Tutela. Once the legal term has elapsed the companies will proceed to the signing of the deed of merger.
The minutes of the resolution taken today by the Poste Italiane Board of Directors will be published in accordance with the terms and procedures of law. For full details on the operation, please see the terms of the merger plan (approved by the Board on 20 September 2017) and the additional documentation already available on the Company web site.

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