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With a view to being close to the territory and the community, in 2019 the Group has adopted a Policy on Community initiatives, which describes the Company’s commitment to promoting socio-economic initiatives in Italy. The Policy follows as already stated in the Ethical Code, the Integrated Group Policy in terms of anti-corruption and the Group Policy for the protection of Human Rights, underlining the attention of the Company towards the most vulnerable categories of people and the needs of the community. To this end, the Company, by involving its stakeholders and maintaining continuous dialogue with them, succeeds in creating shared value in the long term. 

The widespread presence of Poste Italiane Group throughout the country, the service mission and the historical proximity to the local communities in which it operates characterise the Company as a core player in promoting the socio-economic development of the country and the well-being of local communities.

For these reasons, Poste Italiane is committed on a daily basis to guide local communities in their modernisation and digitalisation processes and to contribute to their economic and social progress.

In harmony with the provisions of the Code of Ethics and the values defined in the Company’s guidelines, investments in favour of the community are made in full compliance with the principles of integrity and transparency. Poste Italiane makes donations and offers sponsorships to partners, entities, associations and local institutions operating in the community, in compliance with a specific procedure that determines suitability. These contributions must not be used to conceal corruption or any other conduct not in line with the principles of Group, as indicated in the Integrated Policy. In consideration of this, evaluations of donations by the Company involves a due diligence process in relation to the significance of the initiative, the reputation of the potential partners and alignment with company objectives and expected benefits. The Sponsorships and Donations Committee is responsible for evaluating all requests for sponsorships and donations and is chaired by an external Chair with high standards of professionalism, integrity and independence.

In addition, in order to proceed with the material disbursement of the contribution, the consistency of the initiative with the content of the contract, the regularity of the activities and the proper execution of contractual obligations are evaluated

Relations with communities are indeed a pillar of the inclusive approach adopted by the Company in the belief that looking at the needs and priorities of communities allows it to meet the social needs expressed directly through its business model.

Poste Italiane believes that listening, dialogue and active participation of citizens are the foundations for building a relationship that leads along a path of value creation and sharing with local communities, with a view to ensure continuity of and reconciliation of related and legitimate interests.

For this reason, the Company has adopted a structured process of stakeholder engagement that provides for continuous dialogue with all its partners and with those subjects who are influenced by its activities and whose contribution makes it possible to achieve the Company's objective of creating value in the long term.