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Incorporation of ESG criteria within Investment Policies The incorporation of ESG principles into the investment processes used by Poste Vita and BancoPosta Fondi SGR is of particular significance.

Over the years, sustainable finance has taken on a progressively central role within the financial sector, leading to the introduction of new mechanisms aimed at promoting investments in products and projects that have the benefit of generating positive impacts for society. 

Poste Vita and BancoPosta Fondi SGR have signed up to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investments (PRI), making a formal commitment to incorporate ESG criteria in their assessment and decision-making investment processes, and to apply such criteria in relations with counterparties.

This decision results from the strong belief that integrating environmental, social and governance criteria within its investment processes is key to achieving sustainable performances over time, reducing the portfolio’s risk profile and acting in accordance with the principles of integrity and transparency.

In addition, during 2019, the Poste Vita Group and Banco Posta Fondi SGR adopted the Guidelines on the exercise of voting rights and engagement activities. The document defines the measures and procedures to ensure that voting rights are exercised in accordance with the objectives set and the corporate regulatory system, with particular reference to the Responsible Investment Policy adopted.

Finally, with the objective of monitoring investment activities in risk sectors, the Poste Vita Group and BancoPosta Fondi SGR have adopted the Guidelines for investment in sensitive sectors, defining measures to identify, assess and monitor exposure to activities that present a significant intrinsic risk from an ESG perspective and allowing environmental, social and governance aspects to be incorporated into the investment process.

Sustainable finance is instrumental in mobilising capital to achieve sustainable goals in the international arena, and also contributes to sustainable recovery from the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

In this regard, during 2020, Poste Italiane strengthened its commitment to responsible finance issues, joining the group of investors who signed the open letter for a sustainable recovery, addressed to European leaders. Promoted by PRI, CDP, UNEPFI and the Investor Agenda network of investors committed to climate change, the initiative aims to promote a sustainable recovery from the health emergency through the implementation of actions and projects in favour of the transition to a zero-emissions economy, in line with the achievement of the European Union’s goal of having a neutral impact on the climate by 2050. 

  ESG criteria within Investment Policies