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Staff training and development In the light of increasing innovation, continuous technological and regulatory developments and business needs, Poste Italiane attributes a key role to the ongoing development of knowledge and skills as part of the process of enhancing and enabling people’s growth.

The continuous development of knowledge and skills plays a key role in the process of enhancing the value and growth of the people of the Poste Italiane Group and is, at the same time, crucial for the creation of competitive advantage and the achievement of corporate objectives. 
The Group implements a continuous process of creation and enhancement of skills,
promotes the development of new training methodologies and provides for the development of innovative knowledge sharing tools. In additon, the Company is committed on a daily basis to ensuring constant adaptation, consolidation and development of professional and managerial skills, and to drawing up succession plans to cover “critical” positions, in order to incentivise operational excellence and achieve the objectives set out in the “Deliver 2022” Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan envisages around 20 million training hours by 2022, of which around 6.5 million dedicated to staff working in the financial sector, in order to ensure development of skills in line with market trends, customer needs and regulations. In this regard, more than 5 million training hours were provided in 2019, of which 1.4 million dedicated to resources operating in the financial sector. 
In order to make the qualitative and quantitative effects of training activities measurable, it continued the use of an evaluation system that measures the perceived effectiveness, efficiency and quality of the training programmes provided through the use of specific performance indicators with the aim of promoting continuous improvement. 

The development system at Poste Italiane supports the growth of the business through the enhancement of its people, seizing their potential, developing their talent, supporting their motivation, consolidating their experience through growth opportunities. The development system is divided into three main macro-processes that pursue specific goals:
  • Scouting: aimed at identifying individual potential and the most qualified staff. The characteristics and criteria for accessing the scouting processes envisaged by Poste Italiane are specific and differentiated according to the target population, and the level of professional maturity revealed by the participants.
  • Management planning: aimed at identifying development priorities with a view to succession and the reduction of “managerial risk”. Poste Italiane periodically reviews the managerial development planning process through review meetings between the Human Resources and Organisation Function and the department heads.
  • Development: aimed at supporting the individual growth of staff members and accelerating their professional development. The development actions comprise a set of structured and coordinated interventions designed to support people on their growth path in terms of corporate needs, based on the findings of scouting and planning processes.
In particular, the following objectives were pursued during 2019:
  • improvement of engagement and motivation, through participation activities in a bottom-up logic;
  • people enhancement and promotion of professional development to create a pipeline of talents at various levels of seniority, through the knowledge of their experiences, skills, aptitudes, potential and motivation;
promotion of the evolution of the company culture and managerial aptitudes in parallel with the market and organisational transformation. 

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Average hours of training for employees by category

Category 2017 2018 2019
Executives 27 26 44
Middle managers 52 68 75
Operational staff 21 20 34
Total workforce 24 25 39