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Staff training and development In the light of increasing innovation, continuous technological and regulatory developments and business needs, Poste Italiane attributes a key role to the ongoing development of knowledge and skills as part of the process of enhancing and enabling people’s growth.

The Poste Italiane Group is aware that human capital is a key element in creating competitive advantage and achieving the Group's objectives, and believes it is essential to invest in the promotion of training programmes for its personnel, identifying training as a key factor in ensuring the ongoing development of professional and personal skills and in making the most of each Group employee. With this in mind, the Parent Company is committed to offering training courses for its employees, also by developing new training and knowledge sharing methodologies that have facilitated and guaranteed learning continuity in the emergency context due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The training activities are part of a broader project outlined in the 2024 Sustain & Innovate Plan, which envisages the provision of approximately 25 million hours of training in the five-year period 2020-2024, in line with corporate principles and the needs of the market, customers and regulations. With the aim of ensuring the smooth running of training courses, the Corporate University was set up in 2015, a Human Resources function divided into different Academies specialised by business content based on the different skills to be cultivated. The function has the task of defining and guaranteeing the entire training process (including operational training), also making use of territorial structures, the operating mechanisms and organisational ownership of training and operational training activities, according to logics oriented towards ensuring the effectiveness, efficiency and conformity of the expected results, introducing and foreseeing specific indicators of quality control and training effectiveness.

In 2020, in the emergency context due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Corporate University reshaped its training plan by making available to employees a fully online training offer, made possible also thanks to the recent launch of the new training platform (HCM Oracle). At the same time, Poste Italiane adopted the Microsoft Office365 package throughout the Company, enabling the creation of training courses in Webinar or Virtual Classroom mode, ensuring the continuity of the training offered to employees. The Adoptions Office 365 training path has been provided to guarantee transversal knowledge of the Teams tool (and in general of the O365 suite). Thanks to the resilience shown by Poste Italiane Group in the difficult emergency context, a total of around 5.9 million hours of training were provided in 2020. The 2020 training actions include the Soft and Digital Skill training catalogue, the Business Continuity and Emergency Management training path, the Remote Working training path and the Financial Education training path.
Poste Italiane's training model is based on three backbones:
  • basic training, provided to the entire workforce, regardless of their role, aimed at developing a shared corporate culture on topics of transversal interest (financial education, digital skills, language training);
  • role training, aimed at proposing specialised training contents provided to the various professional figures according to the specific role covered in order to maintain and improve performance in carrying out their duties;
  • training for development, aimed at proposing ad hoc training contents for the best resources included in development paths to support them in more complex roles.
In 2020, provision of:
  • 37,000 hours of managerial training
  • 2,584,400 hours of technical-specialist training
  • 3,253,500 hours of training on compliance


Average hours of training for employees by category 

Category 2018 2019 2020
Executives 26 44 47
Middle managers 68 75 92
Operational staff 20 34 40
Total workforce 25 39 46