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Innovation and digitisation of processes In a complex and challenging scenario, the Group’s strategic evolution requires leveraging the development of innovation and the enhancement of technological assets.

Poste Italiane has undertaken a process of digitalisation which has influenced its range of products and services and its business processes through the adoption of an omni-channel approach in its distribution model. This enables the Company to provide flexible services that keep pace with the needs of customers. The roll-out of the omni-channel strategy, which has extended the Group's physical footprint and enhanced its digital channels, has resulted in a radical inversion of Group's paradigms, affecting the organisation at all levels of business. This process was remarkably facilitated by the Covid-19 pandemic which, from the start of 2020 and throughout 2021, favoured an acceleration of the shift towards business models that leverage an omni-channel strategy, supported by a liquid and open operating model that combines technological intensity, data orchestration at the service of the ecosystem and digital and customer-oriented operations. Through this innovative and sustainable operating model, the Company has been able to rapidly respond to changes in the market.

The Group uses digital platforms that exploit the opportunities arising from technological innovation to create new and customised products and services, opening up new channels of communication with its customers to offer a seamless experience in line with their needs. Against the backdrop of digitalisation, the platform companies are configured as winning disruptive business models, characterised by critical success factors such as the combined use of exponential technologies, a customer-focused approach, open and easily integrated platforms and guaranteed reliability and security. These factors have been essential in the efficient management of markets during the pandemic and the changes brought about as a result.

In this scenario, Poste Italiane, with a view to assisting citizens in their daily needs, offers itself as the Distribution Platform of Choice in the Italian System, facilitating the growth of production and promoting the simplification of the Public Administration.

The Distribution Platform of Choice must address the emerging needs of the Country System, satisfying needs and connecting citizens, businesses and Public Administration, through a Tech Ops Liquid Engine capable of enabling business evolution, articulated in four areas. 


The transformation is made possible only through the development of strategic partnerships that can help accelerate the digitisation of the country, assisted by a cultural change that involves all people, in a number of aspects:
  • culture: it is necessary to establish a generative culture in which people are driven to have a strong customer orientation and continuous improvement;
  • collaboration: adequate collaboration tools allow the creation of internal communities that evolve autonomously and generate value for the entire business ecosystem;
  • improvement: continuous improvement must be part of the DNA of all employees in order to anticipate customer needs;
  • agile: the adoption of agile methods, not only on the production chain, makes it possible to respond quickly to the changes that a highly digital world imposes from the outside;
  • skills: strengthening of internal skills through the inclusion of specialised resources (e.g. architects, software engineers, etc.) to internalise skills and allow the in-house creation of strategic platforms for the business, through the establishment of specialised IT factories spread across the country.