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The Management Systems are the key functional elements for the improvement of processes and performance and are a solid basis for sustainable development initiatives.
In order to improve its performance and provide the Group with uniform governance, Poste Italiane has set up a specialist unit - within the Group Risk Management function - which oversees management systems for quality, environment, occupational health and safety, information security, anti-bribery and energy management (Integrated Management System).
In particular, the Vice Director-General and Head of the Corporate Affairs function (CA), who reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer, is responsible for overseeing the Company’s management systems in compliance with current regulations through the Group Risk Management function (GRG).
The Integrated Management System applies a preventive risk management model and implements the necessary improvement actions to support company strategies.

In 2018, in order to standardise the operating methods of the various certified systems at Group level, the design of the integrated management model was finalised and the first Integrated Management System certifications were obtained, in the Quality and Anti-Bribery areas, qualifying Poste Italiane as the first company in the finance and communications sector to obtain IMQ-CSQ anti-bribery certification.

The certification was obtained according to the international standard ISO 37001:2016 - Anti Bribery Management System and ISO 9001: 2015 - Quality and concerns the planning, direction, control and coordination of postal and financial services.

The system certifications obtained by one or more companies of the Group regard the following areas:
  • quality (ISO 9001);
  • anti-bribery (ISO 37001)
  • information security (ISO 27001);
  • IT service management (ISO 20000);
  • occupational health and safety (BS OHSAS 18001);
  • societal security (ISO 22301);
  • environment (ISO 14001)
  • social accountability (SA 8000).