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12.5 billion €

Direct, indirect and induced effect on the country's GDP

183 thousand

Employed as direct, indirect and induced effect in the country

7.3 billion €

Employment Income as direct, indirect and induced

The fourth Integrated Report of the Poste Italiane Group aims to provide a complete description of the sustainability strategy adopted over the years by the Company, representing the financial, environmental, social and governance performances and offering an overview of the future prospects in relation to the material topics for the Company and for stakeholders. The Report offers a clear view of the processes on which the creation of shared value is based in the short, medium and long term through activities implemented during the year, in order to promote a sustainable and profitable growth, while contributing to the sustainable growth of the country.

Through the Integrated Report, Poste Italiane is able to communicate fully and in detail its objectives and results, illustrating the mutual influence that runs between the external context, the strategy, the business model and the forms of financial and non-financial capital. In this way, the Group once again confirms the importance of adopting an approach integrated with business management, which incorporates financial and sustainability elements within the same document.

The integration of sustainability into the business brings the need to pay continuous attention on the Group’s social and environmental impacts. These impacts are managed thanks to strategic choices intended to satisfy the needs of stakeholders and achieve the pre-defined business objectives. The achievement of objectives is made possible thanks to investment in the main forms of capital, including: financial, human, physical-structural, intellectual, social and natural. The document also seeks to clarify the process that governs the management of capital, assets on which the Group’s sustainable success depends. At the same time, they represent elements affected by Poste Italiane in its operations, in order to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

In order to guarantee an adequate representation of the activities carried out, in 2021 the names of two of the Group’s eight strategic pillars were updated: “Support for local communities and the Country as a whole” and “Decarbonisation of real estate facilities and logistics”. Respectively, “Support for local communities and the Country as a whole” was renamed “Value for local communities” in order to better express the Group’s commitment to creating and disbursing shared value. The name of the “Decarbonisation of real estate facilities and logistics” pillar was changed to “Green transition”, with the aim of promoting the new comprehensive approach adopted by the Company which integrates environmental issues into all Poste Italiane products, services and processes. The new name also aims to represent Poste Italiane’s new green strategy as thoroughly as possible. The company strives to speed up the energy transition process in particular through the so-called “Green Challenge”, which includes entering the energy market with an offer from 100% renewable sources and the offsetting of CO2 emissions through the development of ad hoc tools. The changes to the two Pillar names also reflect the events of the fifth edition of the Multi-stakeholder Forum, in light of the greater relevance attributed to environmental topics and topics related to the creation of shared value for the community.

In line with previous years, the 2021 Integrated Report contains a consolidated non-financial statement, integrated in the Report on Operations, present in Chapter 9. The NFS has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of articles 3 and 4 of Italian Legislative Decree 254/2016 and the “Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Reporting Standards” defined by the GRI - Global Reporting Initiative (hereinafter “GRI Standards”) according to the “in accordance – Core” option. In chapter 9, paragraph “Reporting standards and policies”, a connecting table that indicates the information content required by the Decree and its positioning within the Integrated Report is included, with the aim of making it easier to find all nonfinancial information.

In 2021, the Poste Italiane Group generated impacts on the country in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) totalling €12.5 billion, as well as supporting around a total 183 thousand jobs and contributing to Public Administration revenues with around €2 billion in terms of tax revenue. In addition, it is possible to estimate that Poste Italiane has directly and indirectly contributed to the distribution of income to workers for a total of € 7.3 billion.

Strategic Pillars of Poste Italiane

2024 sustain innovate

Introduction fourth Integrated Report

Integrità e trasparenza

Integrity and transparency

Valorizzazione delle persone

People development

Diversità e inclusione

Diversity and inclusion

Sostegno al territorio e al paese

Creating value for the country

Customer Experience

Customer experience



Decarbonizzazione immobili e logistica

Green Transition

Finzanza sostenibile

Sustainable Finance