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12.2 billion €

Direct, indirect and induced effect on the country's GDP

191 thousand

Employed as direct, indirect and induced effect in the country

7.4 billion €

Employment Income as direct, indirect and induced

The third Integrated Report of Poste Italiane Group

Poste Italiane's Integrated Report is now in its third edition, continuing its objective of sharing the Group's sustainability journey with stakeholders in a clear and comprehensive manner, highlighting all the activities undertaken to support the country's growth and the creation of shared value.

This document, for instance, represents a fundamental tool to illustrate the interaction between the external context, the strategy, the business model and the forms of financial and non-financial capital involved in the process of creating value and to account for the performance achieved in economic, environmental and social terms.

For Poste Italiane, the Integrated Report is not only a tool for effective reporting to stakeholders, but it is the result of adopting an integrated approach to business management, "integrated thinking" that sees the coexistence of financial assessments and sustainability impacts in business decisions. This approach is well represented by Poste Italiane's value creation process, which is underpinned by the business model.

At the basis of this path of integrating sustainability into the business there are a series of strategic choices, identified in the interest of both the Company and the various stakeholders, and which focus on investment in the main forms of capital, such as: financial, human, physical-structural, intellectual, social and natural. These capitals represent the assets on which the sustainable success of the Company is based, but also on which it impacts with its activities, contributing to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In spite of the health emergency, Poste Italiane has continued along the path of gradually integrating the culture of sustainability within the strategies, actions and decisions taken by the Group. As evidence of the progress achieved and in order to highlight the commitment of all those involved in promoting change, a specific section showing the development of the Group’s sustainability path and the awards and recognition obtained in the ESG area has been included in the Integrated Report.

On a methodological level, aware of its responsibility towards stakeholders for correct reporting, the Company has decided to go beyond the current regulatory framework and strengthen its reporting model by adhering to the most important international reference frameworks. This choice stems from the Group's desire for transparency and accountability, as well as the objective of promptly intercepting new trends in non-financial reporting. 

Consistent with the previous year, the 2020 Integrated Report includes the Consolidated Non-Financial Statement (NFS) identified in chapter 9 of the Report on Operations. The NFS was prepared in accordance with the requirements of articles 3 and 4 of Legislative Decree 254/2016 and to the "Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Reporting Standards" defined by GRI - Global Reporting Initiative (hereinafter "GRI Standards") according to the "in accordance - Core" option. 

In 2020, Poste Italiane Group generated impacts on the country in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) totalling €12.2 billion and in terms of employment totalling approximately 191 thousand jobs and €2 billion in terms of tax revenue. It may also be estimated that a total of 191 thousand workers have been involved along the production chain. The use of this workforce entails the distribution of income to workers, for a total of €7.4 billion. 

Strategic Pillars of Poste Italiane

2024 sustain innovate

Introduction third Integrated Report

Integrità e trasparenza

Integrity and transparency

Valorizzazione delle persone

People development

Diversità e inclusione

Diversity and inclusion

Sostegno al territorio e al paese

Support for local communities and the country as a whole

Customer Experience

Customer experience



Decarbonizzazione immobili e logistica

Decarbonisation of Real estate facilities and logistics

Finzanza sostenibile

Sustainable Finance