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Poste Italiane promotes the well-being of people, enhancing their specific skills, grasping their potential and talent, supporting their motivation and enhancing their experience.
Our culture is based on an approach of widespread leadership and an orientation towards change, with accountability, integration and collaboration as main drivers. Moreover, through an integrated system of policies, programmes and development tools, we foster the engagement of people and the emergence of talent.

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Women, environment and education: Poste’s economic and social value grows sustainably

Poste Italiane focuses on human capital, inclusion, gender equality, and attention to the environment to increase its economic and social value.

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Work-life balance, training and environment: how work is changing for young people

Young people in our country are particularly sensitive to climate change, work-life balance and continued growth

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Poste’s people are the key players of the Sustainability Forum thanks to their role in the transformation

Poste Italiane’s commitment to sustainability and the Group’s strategies at Il Sole 24 Ore’s Sustainability Forum