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Poste Italiane: Poste Vita and Bancoposta Fondi Sgr sign up to Principles for Responsible Investments (Pri)

Roma, 5 Feb 2019 11:34

Del Fante Poste Vita and Bancoposta Fondi SGR have become signatories to the UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investments (PRI), confirming the Poste Italiane Group’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. This marks the continuation of the organic process of applying Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) at all levels of Poste Italiane’s activities, in its strategy, governance and business processes.
 “Poste Italiane is a leader in the financial sector and, as an investor, plays a major role in supporting businesses, employment and sustainable economic growth in our country,” said Matteo Del Fante, Poste Italiane’s Chief Executive Officer. “By signing up to the Principles for Responsible Investments, the Group is strengthening its position as a key player in the world of corporate social responsibility: by making ESG criteria an integral part of our investment decisions, the sustainable management principles adopted by the Company are not only applied within the organisation, but are also promoted externally, whilst at the same time improving the way we do business for the benefit of our customers.”
The six principles cover a range of actions designed to enable the adoption of ESG criteria in traditional investment processes and policies and formally commit the Company to consider ESG issues in its investment analysis and in the related decision-making processes. The Principles also require us to incorporate ESG issues in our relations with stakeholders and to ensure appropriate disclosure on the issues by the Company and the entities in which we invest. In addition, Poste Vita and BancoPosta Fondi SGR will promote acceptance, implementation and the improved effectiveness of the Principles in the financial sector, and report to stakeholders on their activities and the progress made in implementing the Principles.
“We believe that integrating environmental, social and governance criteria into our investment processes is a key element in achieving sustainable performance over time, reducing our portfolio’s risk profile and acting in line with the principles of integrity and transparency,” said Giuseppe Lasco, Head of Corporate Affairs at Poste Italiane. “Integration of ESG criteria will enable us to have a better understanding of the risks and opportunities involved in a financial transaction, thus creating trust and value for our customers and contribute to the country’s growth and wellbeing.”
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