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The Business Control Centre (BCC), located at corporate headquarters, uses an integrated service delivery model to control Poste Italiane's business processes.
The Centre handles four basis tasks:
  • 24x7 real time monitoring of the services delivered by Poste Italiane;
  • Protecting the security of customers inside post offices and employees at all places of work;
  • Combating fraud and cyber crime;
  • Trials and testing of new company services.
The Business Control Centre incorporates seven control rooms that deploy cutting edge applications and tools to monitor the workings of the logistics/postal network, service delivery and the integrity of digital communications with customers.

The Business Control Centre oversees an articulated multichannel infrastructure which guarantees the quality of Poste Italiane services and serves the public, business and local government in furthering the modernization and growth of the country.

The Business Control Centre is the new frontier for services targeted at business and local government: a generator of ideas that focuses the best of Poste Italiane's technological, professional, logistics and infrastructure resources to design and realize tailored enterprise solutions.

The Business Control Centre is a business accelerator: an environment in which firms can develop their activities, play an active part in the inexorable march towards the digitalized economy, use the latest, most advanced services and multiply their opportunities. In this increasingly digital world, where brick and mortar shops are being replaced by online stores and electronic and digital payments, the Business Control Centre is a point of reference and indispensable partner for any company that is looking to secure a new, effective, successful future.

The Business Control Centre is a showroom that is always open for dialogue and exchange where companies can experience firsthand the latest technological developments (IT Innovation Hub) and learn about the processes which enable product digitalization. A forum for discussion where Poste Italiane and its customers meet to promote, improve and create new services (Demo Room). 
Guarantees real time monitoring of Poste Italiane’s technological and service infrastructures to ensure an uninterrupted service for customers.

The figures:
  • 190 different types of services and 50 million transactions per day
  • over 12,800 Post Offices branches
  • over 7,500 Postamat ATM
The Service Control Room performs 24/7 end-to-end monitoring of the services provided by Poste Italiane via its ICT infrastructure. Its mission is to ensure continuity of all services by acting promptly and wherever possible preventing the occurrence of faults and outages.
Performs real time monitoring of the logistics supply chain and postal delivery status at all stages of the process.
 The figures:
  • 2.3 billion postal deliveries per year (2019)
  • over 147 million parcels delivered per year (2019)
  • over 28.000 postmen equipped with multi-service handheld device
  • over 33.000 vehicles corporate fleet
  • 16 high automation sorting centres and over 12,800 Post Offices branches
Poste Italiane runs Italy’s Universal Postal Service, which means that it is committed to providing the most reliable and transparent service possible.
The Logistic Control Room (LCR) is responsible for monitoring each stage of the mail delivery process and ensuring fast delivery times, punctuality and compliance with the agreed levels of service.
Guarantees the physical safety of employees and customers on Group premises.

 The figures:
  • 24/7 security monitoring in over 15,000 Poste Italiane Group premises
  • 60,000 security cameras
  • 500,000 security sensors
The Security Room is focused on assuring the physical safety of all customers and all employees that every day work in the company premises. It houses a security centre which uses a complex video surveillance system to constantly monitor Post Office branches, sorting centres, etc. to detect critical situations or attempted thefts or robberies and if necessary alert the police.
The Security Room also monitors critical issues for the company being a support partner of the national Civil Protection department.
Prevents and combats frauds on financial services.
The Fraud Prevention Centre monitors the security of financial transactions, through a fraud management activity, it identifies and combats all fraud attempts that occur online or at Post Office branches. Its methods include identifying fraudsters at Post Office counters, blocking suspicious operations (and placing perpetrators on an internal blacklist), monitoring risky new activations (cards and accounts), checking access to the Company’s website and monitoring online banking and payment card transactions.
Using an effective anti-phishing platform, it identifies Poste Italiane clone websites worldwide and takes immediate action to have the fraudulent websites closed down.

The figures:
  • over 27.6 million payment cards monitored
  • over 6.3 million current accounts monitored
CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) is aimed to supervise - in an integrated way - the activities of IT risk management and cybercrime prevention.
CERT carries out the following activities:
  • Data Breach activity to avoid loss or unauthorized use of personal data with a special focus on bank details.
  • Information Sharing, among specific certified global networks, in attacks and cyber threats that could insist on corporate information systems;
  • Early Warning to guarantee a prompt response to risks that could fall on the company's IT and information assets, and to provide a constantly updated knowledge of global IT security;
  • Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence to obtain information on current trends in cybercrime, cyber espionage and hacker activism;
  • Awareness to promote knowledge on information security;
  • Research and innovation via its cybersecurity lab to maintain a continuous and timely update on everything that happens in information security world, including attackers, hackers and threat agents activities.
The Information Security team coordinates the activities of contrasting, resolving and restoring operations of services affected by security events and incidents, it also supervises innovation in ICT security activities.
It guarantees an advanced detection of unknown threats and security issues by applying machine learning and data science techniques. It also monitors security of the digital identity accounts (SPID) provided by Poste Italiane. It also provides the Mobile App Security Monitoring service to protect Poste Italiane customers and brands.
The figures:
  • over 4.7 million digital identity accounts (SPID) (jan 2020)
  • over 130,000 malwares detected (2019)
  • 30 mobile apps analyzed and over 170 mobile apps removed from online markets (since 2015)
The Network Operations Center is the 24/7 first level technical support on TLC Group services. It ensures proactive monitoring on the network infrastructure supporting the second level technical support teams to manage and fix the most critical issues on the TLC network.
The figures:
  • 6 Data Centers
  • over 12.800 Post Offices branches
  • 2.500 delivery centres
  • 51.000 network devices all over the country
  • 2.800 network devices in corporate Data Centers
Mobile Service Control Room monitors and manages the mobile channel operations to provide high quality and performance in mobile services delivery.
The figures:
  • over 3,7 million TelCo customers
  • over 15 million calls and SMS managed per day
  • over 40 TeraByte data traffic per day
  • 40 managed platforms
  • 4.500 (average) alarms managed per day
MSCR  ensures 24/7 end-to-end mobile network monitoring, service assurance and recovery, incident handling, planning and system capacity design and implementation. It also provides support to the Poste Mobile partners’ service desks.
The Demo Room provides demonstration sessions and training activities for some of the services dedicated to the business segment and the Public Administration.
Some of the demo business services available:
  • Sportello Amico (“Friendly Counter”) services (eGov services which Poste Italiane provides on a delegated basis to support the Public Administration in its relations with citizens). 
  • Document Management Solutions 
  • invoicing services 
  • “PosteInteractive” 
  • “Affrancaposta” 
  • NFC Mobile Payments 
  • “PuntoPoste Da Te”
IT Innovation Hub tests and provides technological instruments or solutions in order to fulfill innovative business needs
Principal activities:
  • Technology Radar: ICT scouting to find the most suitable technologies to create new services in accordance with the ICT infrastructure evolution
  • Innovative technologies prototype development to verify the possibility of integration into the corporate ICT infrastructure
  • Research topics: Machine Learning, Big Data, Natural Language Processing, Blockchain, Proximity marketing, Augmented Reality, IoT