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Poste Italiane considers Customer Centricity to be the ability to prioritise customers, listening to their needs and aiming to ensure their full satisfaction, thereby laying the foundation for a solid and lasting relationship based on trust. The Group's omnichannel strategy includes protecting customers and providing services on the Post Offices' physical network, on various remote contact points enabled by the digital infrastructure, and on third-party physical networks on which we operate thanks to commercial partnership agreements.

Training plays a central role in building relationships with customers. In fact, it allows our people who work in contact with customers to acquire knowledge and skills in order to be able to offer customers an experience that meets their expectations. The training initiatives on Customer Centricity that we offer to our people aim to increase specialist knowledge and improve behaviour.

Since all training activities are geared towards professional growth, they are monitored in terms of effectiveness and perceived quality by measuring specific indicators, using questionnaires, direct observation and feedback from participants. Integrated analysis of results is aimed at the continuous improvement of training to effectively and ever-more rapidly respond to the needs of employees, the market and customers.