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The Data Appeal Company Artificial Intelligence to support business growth and enrich CRM data

The Data Appeal Company

Poste Italiane launched a Proof of Concept with the startup The Data Appeal Company met at Politecnico Milano Startup Intelligence Observatory. The activities conducted together by the Open Innovation and Digital, Technology & Operation teams focused on the use of Artificial Intelligence to analyze reputation data and feedback on social media.

The Data Appeal Company provides synthetic indexes of location and business intelligence to commercial activities, museums, municipalities, finance and consumer goods PoI. It uses feedback and recommendations, in-depth geolocation data and other open data available on the web to enrich the information of CRM and public DBs with exclusive and highly commercial KPIs.

These data are essential to estimate merchants credit scoring or transactional flows for the proposition of Poste acquiring services. The Data Appeal Company is able to assess prospect client’s business potential based on reviews and feedback on social networks.

The aim of the POC is to enrich Poste Italiane's CRM with synthetic indices of market potential on small economic operators and ecommerce merchants, and to improve commercial leads for sales force and commercial channels. Some KPIs provided are users feedback on the merchant compared to others in the area, product categories sold, current technological, logistics and payment partners.

Starting from a PoC on small economic operators, the collaboration with The Data Appeal Company has grown allowing it to be accredited as a supplier of Poste Italiane and to start an annual collaboration.