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Deliver 2022 The Group's Strategy.

Poste Italiane launched “Deliver 2022” in February 2018. The new Corporate strategic plan has the objective of maximising its own distribution network, already recognised as the most efficient and secure in the country.

With a view to fully valorising the unique qualities of the network, the new “Deliver 2022” strategic plan envisages a programme that will lead to a significant increase in the operating result (EBIT) from 1.1 to 1.8 billion Euros by 2022, an increased sustained by the growth in revenues and cost efficiency in all the Group’s segments of activity.

Indeed, specific and diversified initiatives are foreseen for each one of these, having a limited execution risk:
  • Financial Services: more efficient allocation of capital by means of a complete and expanded range of products which shall be sustained by cross-selling activities carried forward in the Post Offices and by investments in Information Technology (0.5 billion Euros) which shall allow data analysis to be implemented to support the sales force;
  • Insurance Services: consolidation of the social welfare and corporate benefits funds; expansion of the Non-life and Accidents line to complete its range of insurance products. This segment is essential to the “Deliver 2022” plan due to the low circulation of such products in the Italian population;
  • Mail, Parcels and Distribution: implementation of a new operational delivery model for mail and parcels, according to an innovative approach that considers population density and related volumes, with deliveries also foreseen in the afternoon and at the weekend. This is accompanied by the implementation of new distribution and automation technologies and an efficient redefinition of the delivery areas;
  • Payments, Mobile and Digital: consolidation and enhancement of leadership in the payment systems segment by means of managing the change from traditional payment methods, such as postal orders, to more evolved digital options, also with a view to conformity with the new European directive PSD2 (Payment Service Directive), in force since January 2018.

Alongside the projects implemented in the single business areas, the new strategic plan aims at increasing professional figures and talent within the Group and bringing about an effective investment plan focussed on the organisation’s digital development.

So that such initiatives can be realised, the Plan sets financial targets and operational objectives that are concrete and realistic, clearly defines KPIs and includes medium term targets fixed for 2020.  

“DELIVER 2022”

  Mail, Parcels and
Mobile and Digital
Financial Services Insurance Services
Financial Targets
Segment revenue:
3.5 bln/€ sustained by Parcels segment
Segment revenue:
0.8 bln/€ (+ 33% since 2017)
Segment revenue:
4.9 bln/€ keeping
turnover stable
Segment revenue:
1.9 bln/€
(+ 26.7% since 2017)
Objectives 2022
New operational
delivery model

Parcels delivered by

over 100 mln
(+185% since 2017)

B2C market share:
40% (30% in 2017)
Portfolio total:

18.3 mln new cards

Card transactions:
+12% compared to 2017

Digital E-wallets1:
6,5 m
(+282,4% since 2017)
Total financial

581 bln/€
(+ 14,8% since 2017)

Sold products:
over 12 mln
(+50% since 2017)

Clients followed by a dedicated advisor:
44-55% (7% as at 2017)
Gross premiums:
20.7 bln/€
(+ 2% since 2017) with a considerable
increase in the Nonlife and Injury line

Non-life Policies:

2 million new
contracts per year (0.4 million in 2017)


1 Number of downloaded e-wallets. E-wallets refer to a type of electronic card used in online transactions via PC or smartphone.   

  Financial Targets 2022 Operational Objectives 2022
Human Resources Ordinary staff costs/revenues:
49% (-7.5% compared to 2017) thanks to initiatives aimed at increasing Group efficiency

Pre-retirement incentives:
0.1 bln/€ (0.5 bln/€ 2017)
123,000 effective (-10.9% since 2017) with an average annual reduction of 3,000

Redistribution and training of personnel:
4,500 employees in service shall be reassigned to commercial roles. 20 mln hours of training between 2018 and 2022 New recruitments:
10,000 new qualified professional figures
Investments Plan Total Investments:
2.8 bln/€ (1.4 bln/€ between 2015 and 2017)

Investment mix:
61% Information Technology;

23% real estate; 16% automation

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